New format, what do you think?


I’ve just posted a new thread on Everyday living about the new forum. There are some questions I’ve been asking that relate directly to the users of this part of the forum. If you’d like to have a look and maybe post your thoughts, here is the link: New forum, how are you using it?


Hi Sue, I’m still getting use to this new site but am finding it difficult to find which section themes are under what section, so just look on the overall messages. It would be good if there was:
one for new and undiagnosed
one for DMDs, drugs and treatment questions
one for everyday living
I’ve never understood the differentiation of RRMS, SPMS, PPMS
one for caring for people with MS

I use to be an avid contributor to the original site before it changed to the last one (which I never really got use to and a lot of the friends I’d made were missing off it too). On the last site when it was first changed over I received some untoward, uncalled for messages which really hurt me, so I stopped using the last site. It has taken me many years to feel confident enough to come back to the forum.

But I’ve decided to join in again on this new site and am hoping for a better experience. It is hard to navigate though and I’m hoping to get use to it. I do feel I am making new friends but also miss friends I’d made before which are no longer on line due to these site changes.

I did ask the administrator to contact Bouds to help her to get back on line, but have had no response and that it very disconcerting. Bouds is missed so much but we can’t seem to get them to help gain access to the new site.


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Hi Sue

I have just posted a reply to you.


Crazy Chick,

I cannot work out how to private message someone?

I wanted to say thankyou for your lovely message. It meant a lot.

Anne x