Don't like the new format?

Hi everyone, this is the first time I have been on the site for quite a long time. I used to come on every single day, but I had to stop as I was becoming obsessed with the website. When I first came onto the site, I didn’t know where I was going or what I was doing. It wouldn’t let me log on and I had to change my name and password :?

I must admit I really do not like the new format at all, it is not user friendly, you cannot see who is online the way you used to. I used to have quite a few friends on here, but now have no clue how to find them which is disappointing :frowning:

I do have a question although it is a silly one, I have PPMS and was diagnosed in May 2008, still not got used to it, still hate it, but I am digressing from my question.

My nails on my right hand are absolutely beautiful but on my left hand they are horrible, they don’t grow the same as the right hand, could anyone tell me why not. As I said I know this is a silly question but it is just something I have been wondering about.

If any of my old friends are online and they recognise me, please contact me to let me know how things are going with you as I miss not hearing from any of you.

Thank you if anyone can come up with a reason, I would be grateful.


Hi Jenn, sorry but can`t say I recognise your name…did you have a different tag before?

I am struggling with this new stuff, but still giving it a go.

Dunno about the nails thing tho`.

luv Poll

Thank you Paul and Poll, I don’t think I had a different tag before. I think it was the same as it is now or else it was Jen 44. It was when I was first diagnosed that I came onto the site, so really I haven’t been online since about the end of 2008. My God, sorry, I have just realised that I will have had MS 3 years this year and I thought it was only 2!!! I really am losing my mind totally. You are right Paul, who knows I may meet other new friends as well, as that is what I need. Thank you both for at least responding to my post. Jen xx