Am I thick?

I must be as I just can’t get the hang of this new system!

Is there any instructions anywhere?

I thought MS was frustrating but this new site is teaching me what frustration really is!

This is the second time (on this occasion - I lost my first efforts again).

The print is too small and if I go onto zoom the page ends up flitting all over the place.

I’ve tried replying to posts but don’t seem able to do that either.

Can someone PLEASE take my hand and lead me through the new system before I just give up all together?

You’re not thick or alone. This place is over complicated for no reason what s ever. Considering the organisation that provides it, friends of mine are amazed by how little empathy has been shown.

If the aim of MSS HQ is to stop people ranting, raving, expressing their opinions, helping people,reading the threads that should be produced, being distracted from agonising pain, lonliness and the perils of life with MS THEY HAVE SUCCEEDED.

I apologise for hijacking your post, but the cold heartednes brings my blood to the boil.Need I continue?


ps Has anybody put anything in any of the begging bowls for a job well done ?