Hi all, I haven’t been on this site for some time, can’t seem to get on with it, I don’t find it user friendly, anyway this morning decided to give it another go, got 2 email alerts for reples, was impressed, have just come on again now, looked for my posting and it’s gone, now I’m not being funny, but if the MS Society want to help peolpe like us to get along day to day with this condition, be able to voice our worries and fears, ask others for advice, then please can they make sure the site works, I knew there would be teething problems but we are a good few months down the road since the launch and to me things aren’t a lot better, so I think I will leave well alone for now, sorry about the rant, you all take care, Jean x

Hear hear.

I haven’t used the new site much but I too am finding it very un-user friendly to use.


Hi both

We’re aware of a problem - isolated to today - with some posts disapearing from view.

If you contact us directly with problems we’re only too happy to look into them. Please let us know what posts are missing and roughly what time you posted them and we will investigate.

Our email address is webteam@mssociety.org.uk or you can PM admins or mods at any time.

Greg [admin]

You are not alone, and some of us cry with

frustration at the site being so contrary and out of action most of yesterday.

It would have been better if the old site had been kept up and running along side this one while the very long outstanding problems are ironed out.

What is even more galling is that the other MS sites have also changed web sites and yet all is running smoothly.

We do need support and to be able to keep in touch with each other this just adds to the stress.

Same here - it might be all singing and dancing and sophisticated - but does it work for us simple souls who just want a quick natter to a buddy now and again ? I seem to have lost my buddies list - again ! What happened to the ‘friends and foes’ idea ?

Things seem to be changing constantly and its hard to keep up !


I agree. I am trying to get along with it and I have already expressed most of my issues. Even the whole site is bland looking and depressing, like a bloody ‘deepest sympathy’ card. At least the other site was colourful and clear. With this site you know why you are here with someones misterable face as the first thing you see when you go onto the site. Ugh.


Not a lot going on (site wise) and have to try to keep things going, its down to us but even I gave up for a week! It’s a bit like MS a bit of a bu**er but we have to keep wobbling a long. I’m fed up with MS.

Take care, M

Hi Jean, dunno if you`ll see this, but I just posted about lost buddies.names on here, then I saw you had posted.

I too have had problems, but it seems better now. i dont always know what Im doing, but I keep battling on. I don`t spend as much time on here as i used to. It is hard to reply and get a reply to that, if you understand me.

I get notification of PMs, but not about replies to my posts. I would prefer it the other way round, as PMs are shown in my inbox.

Shame we can`t be as happy as we were, eh?

luv POllx

Either I can’t see it or it doesn’t exist… people able to see what threads you have posted on previously to check for replies if you don’t opt for the email notices.

I have to admit I’ve only browsed a handful of times since the site changed and this is my first post on the new site (hope it works). I preferred the old one, I got used to it.

Rant understood, Jean. Sorry that you have found it complex. I did and initially gave up. I’ve had MS for 12/13 years and (at times) feel ‘trapped’ - no choice but ‘to go on’. I hate MS. I don’t work but my last important position was as Director for 4 garages which (at the time) were a Peugeot main dealer.

This site is complex and I haven’t even been able to use all of it yet. I’m sure that it is good although I’m just using it for very little like this note and I don’t really care - Some of the registered facts ‘put everything into perspective’ -


to beat MS

Around 100,000 people in the UK have MS. It affects two million more.

Complaining about a website won’t cure MS - That would be some PARTY if we could get them all together!

Stay cool, Jean

Love (as from the sixties),


Hi,I understand the problems,I had a lot of difficulty at first,although the latest improvements have helped,it’s still not what the old site was, and so many people have stopped posting.

Not surprising really given all the problems,but I really hope everyone stays and makes this site as good as the old one.

I really miss how it used to be on here.

Anyway,with people mentioning the starkness of the site,just thought I would say you can change the background if you click on the ‘accessability’ at the bottom of the page to the right.I selected muted contrast and the background is now a pale buttermilk colour,which is a lot easier on the eyes.


So, I read this post, thought “that looks good”, tried it. Yuk. Double Yuk. Yuk ++.

The accessability option breaks all the rules for good HCI.

The menu buttons along the page top are bright blue with white text. Please, webteam, find out how the human eye works.
Hint - look up “feature detectors” or the work of Hubel and Wiesel nearly 30 years ago.

Then, think about how much more relaxing it would look with Dark Brown text on the Buttermilk background as the basic text colour. This would retain the luminance contrast to enable the feature detectors to work. Then you could use a deep Red for the hot-links, insteadm of a medium Blue.


Does this imply I have to eat more if using this site? Enough of all these complaints and just get on with it. We’re lucky to have this resource at all.

morning everyone, thank you for all you’re replies, I’ve only just seen then, although I did request email notifcation, it seems so many feel like me, I really want to use this site like I did the other, but for reasons I wont keep going over I wont, you all take care, love Jean x

The accessiblity suggestion does help with the starkness of the site.


my name is dennis i have ppms for my sins.

I quite agry the old site was mutch better

i dont even know if people have replied i am also a londone r what part of london do you live?. good luck Dennis.

Minor thing for a change. Why is everything New even when I have read it its still showing new?

I even flushed out cookies and logged back in and everything is New, I read topic close browser

go back into forum and its all new still.

Also if you make a post logically you would want to know when someone has replied, so watching the post you

made should be default and get a email that someone has replied.

I thought we could edit posts whats happend to the Edit button?

I have just come on here this evening to see if the site is any better, first I couldn’t sign in with my password and had the bother of doing a new one which is time consuming!!! I know the society’s yearly fees are a nominal amount but to be honest I don’t know if I want to be bothered with them anymore as they don’t seem to listen to what we want. Sotrry for the rant. Xxxxx