Good luck all!

Had enough of typing replies with missing letters – of a slipping/sliding site page.

Farewell and good luck to all!

Sorry you’re going.

Take care and good luck xx

You too. I understand your frustrations with the ongoing tech problems. That I know of, the shift ms forum works well. I think the other charities have forums too.

It`s an absolute pain. These words have appeared ok at first go.

Lt`s see howlonit s…ahh!


Dear krakowian,it is very sad that the technical inadequacies of the caring MS Society make you feel that leaving is the best thing for you.When ‘Ye Olde MS Boreds’ were shut down in favour of this ‘off the shelf junk’ dozens of people had enough of waiting for something approaching normality and went elsewhere.I found other MS websites glacially slow,so kept one or both eyes on here.

Any road up,be lucky and may you find something that suits,and works