MS Connect.

Hi Eyeryone hope we are all well.

Got my copy of MS Connect this morning and on page 6 the last sentence is as follows.

The MS forums,a popular feature on the old site,are as lively as ever.Not sure who they have talked to but i am prety sure they did not visit the site to see all the problems that it has created.[not blaming the Mods]

I would not call the person that wrote it a liar,but they have again put out misinformation,and no point askin them to put it right as they never do.

There was me thinking that the MS Society where there to give us good information,sadly i was wrong.

Take Care All.


Hi Chris.

Agree that miss information, is worse than no information. confused

Can I ask please, what MS Connect is.



Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.

Hi Chris .

MS Connect is Scotlands answer to MS Matters.

They are both about the same i think,mabe they use the same publishers.

Take Care.


Many thanks, Chris.


Take care.


Chris R.

Sounds a fair enought statement to me, TBH.

I like the new forum.  We are adaptable creatures, by and large.  We don't like change, but we get used to stuff.  Some things about the new forum are better, some are less good.  That's life.


Some people are getting fed up of this constant whinging about the new forum.


The forum has changed, get used to it.


It is not perfect but neither was the old one.


The forums are a source of help and support for many people, I don't notice any change in this



To be fair, if you want to drum up new members, you wouldn't exactly state that some current members hate the new forums and keep complaining about them, would you??




Karen x

Ah Chris. You've found something else to complain about with the MSS and this site....That sentence doesn't sound too bad to me.

We had many complaints about the old site too but most people who are still here are offering the same range of advice support and help. Most have moved on from constant compaining.

I'm so glad to hear you're not blaming the Mods. That is indeed refreshing although I'm not quite sure why you've mentioned the Mods at all as hopefully by now you understand that the role of a moderator is not developing the new message boards.




LOL! I’m getting fed up with the moaning… The forums changed, build a bridge and get over it dude!

It’s obviously not so awful that it stops the same people keep coming back and moaning about it though is it?

Easy solution. If you don't like it, don't use it......

I'm not here much, I preferred the old forum , and prior to that the old, old forum (see, this has happened before and inevitably will again) but times change, software needs updating and that why the old site had to go. It crashed every few days and was no longer fit for purpose or affordable.

The developers, Grrrreg, and Big Bob have worked extremely hard to bring this new site up to speed and appropriate for our needs and wishes.

The worst thing about it now is the whingbags who have nothing to offer but how terrible this site is and how utopic the old site was (no it wasn't, you were just more comfortable with it, fair comment, so was I).

If you don't like it, might I suggest you bite the bullet and move on, there are 1000's of MS forums out there, set one up yourself via Facebook or Yahoo / Goolgle groups and invite other people who want to whinge to join you.

Constant moaning isn't good for your own mental health or those of other people, especially newbies, who want to use this site.




I like Suzie’s comment ‘build a bridge and get over it’. Just going up to the attic for the lego…I’m definitely too much of a luddite, but I know you’ll fix that for me.

D’you like the avatar?

Liz xx

Ah yes - the original forum…that was interesting…

Liz x


Ah Chris. You’ve found something else to complain about with the MSS and this site…That sentence doesn’t sound too bad to me.

We had many complaints about the old site too but most people who are still here are offering the same range of advice support and help. Most have moved on from constant compaining.

I’m so glad to hear you’re not blaming the Mods. That is indeed refreshing although I’m not quite sure why you’ve mentioned the Mods at all as hopefully by now you understand that the role of a moderator is not developing the new message boards.

Hi Val.

If that is all you think i do,i apoligise,and that sentence did sound bad to me.

The reason i mentioned the Mods is that some people do not know thier role.

I think on the whole of it i give good advice when i can.

A lot of people agree with me so i no i am not alone…

I do not go looking for things to complain about it just happens,i also like keeping people updated on things.

But if it makes you happy i will try and not complain to often.

Take Care.


Hi Val.

I have had time to think about your post,and you must have caught me at a week moment.Instead of my answers to your post it should have been something like this.

Your first  sentance did not sound bad to you,but it did to me.[in fact a little bit catty to me]

I am prety sure that i am not the worst moaner on this site,you may know diffrent or has someone else complained.

I seem to remember there is a way to filter out posts from people whose posts annoy you,failing that dont read mine.

Sent an e-mail to MS Society Scotland on this and pointed it out to them,got a reply from them saying they should have pointed out that the system was still having small problems,but they are in the process of sorting them out and hopefully the site could go on to be better than the old site.Asked about the costs she did not no but she will find out and get back to me.When i find out i will post it,so other people can see if it was value for money,or is that me just moaning again.

Since you and Suziethemoaner have no profile it is hard for me anyway, to know how MS affects you.

Wonder where Suziethemoaner got her name.[ or is that just me being catty now]

If nobody complained how are things going to get fixed.

I allways respect peoples opion,but i may not agree with them.Think i bring more to the party than i take away,i hope so anyway.

Think i have have said all i want to say so will close now.[sure somepeople will say thank god]

Take Care All.



I am not sure why you picked on Val and Suzie for your reply, Chris. Plenty of others seem to want to draw a line on the complaints about the new site. I think it is too easy to remember the old site with rose tinted specs on. There have been issues with the new site, but they are slowly and surely being resolved, time for us all to move on.

Chris, things are being fixed as I’m sure you’re aware. And there are other ways to bring matters to the web team’s attention without complaining! You could always just tell them… it works for others.

Being a Moderator, not reading a particular user’s posts is obviously not an option. Looking forward to seeing what you bring to the next party.

And I’m curious to know why you need to know how MS affects me? What has that to do with anything?



i would have to say that is a very accurate fact i would say that its busier than ever.all the traffic on the old site was by the same

handfull of people who thought that the site was for them and there cronies.was very hard as a newbie then to feel welcomed to the site.

too many cleeks on there and it was not a very freindly place to be.most of that seems to be gone now.lots of different posts and replys from

lots of different people.lots of newbies as well who are being made to feel welcome and join in.

there may be some technical issues here but there was no shortage of problems on the old site,not all technical,and quite frankly this persistant

moaning and groanind is getting ridiculous.loads of other sites you could go to if you dont like this one but from what i can see they are no

better than here.

this is not specifically aimed at you chris but at the small handfull of constant moaners that are doing our heads in.

i just dont understand why people who hate the site so much are always on it.its like the old man at the end of the street always moaning at the

kids on the street because he has nothing better to do.

totally fed up with you all was said earlier.DO ONE.



Sticks and stones well you know the rest.

If it is not aimed at me why tell me to DO ONE


Simple, but effective Equus X