Where did all the Forums go, I know I’m a little slow sometimes but I’m sure there were more here yesterday.

Jan x

GLAMS went ages ago. The only other one that’s conspicuously missing is something that was called “Forum Announcements”, or something like that. You can tell how often I went there, because I’m not even sure of the name!

There used to be one for Forces or ex-Forces personnel, but I think that one went even before GLAMS. Oh, I’ve just realised the YOUNG PEOPLE has gone!

That has to be an accident, surely - I haven’t seen any announcements it was on the way out??? Then again, I didn’t go there much, so if the notice was only on that forum, I probably wouldn’t have seen it.



Yes that’ll be the tory cuts kicking in…

It’s amazing when you see something every day but when it changes you can’t quite remember what was there last time you looked. I did think it strange that an announcement hadn’t been made but I have a memory the size of a garden worm so it’s probable I’ve forgotten.

Jan x

What on earth has it to do with the Tories? Or was that supposed to be a funny?

This website - or the MS Society in general - isn’t, and never has been, government funded, that I’m aware of.


yeah. b@$t@rd Torie$. h@ng 3m.


There is precious little available for young people with MS as it is, so can’t see this as anything other than a temporary blip.

I think it’s very unlikely it would have been pulled without any general announcement, so yeah, I think someone pressed a wrong button again…


The Shift MS forum has a private group Young MSers.

Apologies for any frights, confusion or belief that the current government is having any influence on management of the forums (it isn’t).

Anitra is quite right that there was a Forum called ‘Announcements’. Nothing had been ‘announced’ in this forum for many years. The only post in that Forum were some ‘FAQs’ which were both inaccurate and out of date- and it hadn’t been used for several years. For new people coming to the Forums- (and we’re pleased to see that we’re attracting lots of new members) this ‘Announcements’ forum would only be misleading. On that basis, it’s been removed.

The Young Persons forum has also been inactive for some time. It hasn’t been removed, it’s just been made invisible while under review.

Hope that clears things up a bit.

Best wishes Stewart (admin)


Thanks for clarifying Stewart.

Jan x