Back again

Hey everyone

I h****ave been a member of this site and forum before but I have only recently come back on (as I had forgotten my password). Many things have changed on here and it has taken me a while to get used to the site all over again but I am back! Anyway - a big hello to all the newbies who have recently been diagnosed and to all the users who gave me excellent support during my first years of being diagnosed

I was diagnosed 6.5 years ago (that’s scary!) while having symptoms for over 8 years, and I have now got used to having MS. I know when I get new symptoms I should rest and listen to my body on a daily basis - but do I always do this? No. Why? Because I am determined to live a ‘normal’ life as they say! I do rest whenever needed though - and I always bump into the very ignorant people - nothing ever changes. The only thing that does is your attitude towards them. Either you find a way to handle them… Or you get rid of. They clearly aren’t very important to you.

I have recently turned 27 and i’m from the Midlands. Where are you from and when were you diagnosed? (Sorry if this has been posted in the wrong forum! Technology goes beyond me sometimes lol)