Hello, I am new here.
Long time with MS. I’m wondering if there is anyone as old me 69 I am finding lots of younger people out there ( I love younger people by the way) but would love to hear from oldies and how you have coped etc I don’t know if it’s a myth but someone once said that when you reach late 50’s MS slows down. Anyone else heard this. I’m SPMS and have a sister with same.
Thanks for reading


I’m 69 too but have PPMS. I think you’ll find there are a few of us ‘oldies’ on here.

Hi Holly, im 45, i also have spms, i havent heard ms slows down in late 50s, but i would love this to be true! did you find this? i was only diagnosed last year but symptoms seem to be progressing quite fast at the mo.

Hope you are keeping well, stay safe, Ali

Hello Newbie I am 71 and was diagnosed with ms in my early 50s. My ms has deteriorated at a slow pace since then but can still get around the house with a frame.

Hi Holly. Welcome aboard. Never heard of any slow down of symptoms with age. I was diagnosed suddenly, in a weekend actually!, aged fifty five and I have just turned 61. I have ppms and already wheelchair dependant. Hopefully you will stick around. We’re a very mixed motley crew.

Hello Ladies, thank you for replying. I feel very welcomed and in the right place. To answer your question re the slowing down and age related. This has been said a few times on another ms forum. For me that is not the case but still fighting as best as I can. Even with SPMS there seems to be relapses and I am going through one right now. I hope you ladies are feeling as good as is possible right now. I hope to be on the forum asking and replying to questions. Only we Msers know how we each could possibly feel and relation to symptoms. I have a sibling with MS but unfortunately she doesn’t like to talk about it… best wishes Linda

Hi Holly/Linda

I was diagnosed with RRMS the week before my 50th birthday - ptth I have had some presents that weren’t to my taste but this one took the biscuit.

I had a relapse about 6 weeks ago.

Actually I go shopping for food within 100 yards of where I live.

I cook the evening meal from scratch every day.

I’m weary tired and love my bed.

Too much perhaps as I have pressure sores on my heels.

I have developed some new and creative swear words which keep me amused.

I don’t swear at people but at objects eg cutlery which jumps out of thr drying rack meaning that I have to bend down (difficult).

Carole x

Hi Carole, agree that was not a welcome prezzie. How long ago? Well done you for shopping and cooking. I admire you for this as it’s something I don’t do a lot of but I do try. I too have certain words which are used in connection with MS. I try to make the most of things though. Currently I am suffering from internal tremors on top of all the other horrors. Whoever said " we are given in life what we can handle" I say try MS then think again. HolLin x

HI Holly/Linda,

Sorry about your diagnosis but glad you found us.

I have SPMS . Symptoms since 1989, diagnosed 1998. Just worked out that it’s over half my life. ugh. I’ve just turned 60.

Very slow progression. Everyone has a different group of symptoms.

My top tip, keep a diary of symptoms, appointments, any aids you buy etc

Can be very useful if you’re applying for help.

Take care


Hi I’m new, diagnosed rrms about 18 months ago, think I got lost in self pity and have managed to push my partner away, lack of intimacy… just putting it out there I need to be more open anyone else experienced similar?

Hi, I a 68 and have had Spinal PPMS for 23 years.

I lost all mobility within 2 years of onset.

Carole…re your heels…I too have nerve pain in my heels when they touch the bedding/mattress. I have to keep them on pillows and off the bed. Pressure sores scare the chuff out of me!