New here, looking forward to chatting with you all!

Hi all! I was diagnosed in 2007 with relapsing MS. I recently felt the need (possibly for the 1st time) to reach out to others & chat about our shared experiences!

Hi Meggy, welcome to the gang.

I’m what you could call an old timer! 69, had PPMS for 24years.

Love Boudsx

Hi Meggy , hope you are as well as can be. I’m Mick diagnosed with RRMS in 1991, then SPMS in 2007 and still doing OK.

Hi there welcome to the forum, if ever you need to vent this is a good place.

2007 same here with relapses…I was fine for many years until February this year, was overdue for a relapse and bang! Just have to be patient and hope things improve.

Hi Meggy
Hope today is a good one. I have PPMS diagnosed 12 years ago. This is a great forum for help, info and friendship.
Best wishes
Sam x

Thank you all for the lovely warm welcome :slight_smile:

I started my MS journey with dreadful dizziness, which eventually led to my diagnosis. After several years of injecting with Copaxone I had a couple of scary reactions to it & decided to come off properMS meds altogether and concentrate instead on yoga (I am a yoga teacher & teach a small MSyoga group once a week), meditation and CBD drops. I still have echoes of that original relapse with balance issues, but have felt otherwise ok for years now. But recently I started getting dreadful pain in my lower back. My doc decided to send me for a MRI, to rule out MS issues. I have that today & it will be for my entire back, and head…so a full hour this time:/. I`m dreading it a bit, being inside the tube all that time, & also what the results might mean for me.
Has anyone else had lower back pain problems?

Hallo Meggy
Welcome to the club that nobody really thought they would ever be joining! I will be 80 this year and have been living through all the MS stages.
Despite everything I’ve had a good life and still have the odd adventure although I’m slowing down a bit now.
Enjoy the Bank Holiday, lets hope the sun shines for us.
Stay safe Essie X

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Something I found helped ease back pain was acupuncture and worth trying if you have an MS Therapy Centre near you.
Multiple Sclerosis National Therapy Centres: An MS Charity (

Yoga is great, but keep an open mind about DMD’s, as the new ones are much more effective.
I hope the MRI gives you some answers.

So inspiring Essie to hear you sounding so positive, despite “all the MS stages”!!

Thank you Whammel for your acupuncture suggestion, Ill look into it after I the results of todays MRI. Problem is Im British, but I live in Vienna, Austria & we have no therapy centres here!! But there are plenty of private (v expensive) alternative` treatments (i do wonder when these will start being offered as a normal national health option??)!

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Hi Meggy, a heart felt welcome to you. I am playing catch up with replies, story of my life :rofl:. I’m new to the forum so finding my feet a little. I look forward to your posts and sharing your journey going forward. I read you were going for an MRI, I hope that the appointment went well and that the results whatever they were, you are managing and that you have an action plan. Take care, message again soon :blush:

Hi Rogue!
Lovely to hear from you! Welcome to you too as youre also new here!! My appt results were that I had slipped a disc :roll_eyes: Kindof shocked me as Im only 52, didnt expect big back problems at my age, & I think MS is prob enough of a challenge on its own:/
My GP suggested I go see my neuro anyway as it cld be cos of new posture issues, due to MS issues!!! I so often wonder how many of my problems are directly to do with my MS or just a normal slow deterioration of my body??!!!
What is your story Rogue?

Morning Meggie, well l’m still on the hamster wheel, although I have had many symptoms, mainly since 2009, a recent deterioration has led to an urgent referral to neurology. So that’s where I’m at undiagnosed and playing the waiting game.