New to forum , oldie to MS and MS Society - Hi!

Hello every one, I’ve been diagnosed with the lovely condition that is Multiple Sclerosis (obviously being ironic there!!!), in 1998…Omg, that’s 20 whole years, surely I’m not old enough?

I am old enough though, I was diagnosed at 24 and married around the same time, my old man decided, he wanted to move on so left 2 1/2 years ago, so here I am now aged 44, divorced and a single mum to 2 teenage sons!! oh the joys. my MS has also progressed and i’m now at secondary progressive ( probably the stress of the last 2 & 1/2 years!!

Putting all that aside, I do try to stay independent, strong and positive. I’ve been a member of the ms society for 20 years but have only just felt the urge to say hello to everybody, sorry and i hope to ‘talk’ to you all more xx

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Hello Clare

Welcome to the forum. I’ve been a member of the MS club for just a bit longer than you - it’ll be my 22 year anniversary in a couple of weeks, MS was my 30th birthday present. It does make it easy to remember how long I’ve had it!

Some people are selfish gits. I hope you feel glad to be rid of the husband who wanted a different life and are happy with your 2 boys.

You’ll find the forum a friendly and supportive place I hope. We’re like a family - one in which every member has MS, or might have MS, or in a few cases, have a similar condition.


hi clare pleased to meet you. i was diagnosed with rrms in 2010 two weeks before my 50th birthday. i think i’m sill classed as rrms and have an mri on 26th january so we’ll see. i have 2 sons aged 29 and 30 who still live at home. hope you find the forum informative and amusing. for amusement see the brain fog thread. quite a random group us fogwits. carole xx

Hello Clare,

I’m Anthony and was diagnosed about ten years ago with PPMS. I’m 63 (as we’re all being so candid about it), 17 feet tall and I can reach each ear with my tongue. I’m a sociable creature but I don’t join herds. My hobbies are neck wrestling and eating tall trees. I’m quite tame and friendly but I don’t like hyenas much.

Bet you’re sorry now!


And Anthony was the founder member and first rate ‘nitwit’ of the Brain Fog. If you need to know anything else about him, look at post #10,173 on the Brain Fog thread. (Apart from silliness he’s actually quite a nice, caring, sensitive creature.)


Hi Clare,

Welcome to the forum, not to your MS diagnosis though.

I’ve a lot in common with you too symptoms started 1989, diagnosed 1998 went from benign to SPMS about 8 years ago.

Very long term partner left me 2 1/2 years ago, for someone else. Luckily no expensive divorce necessary.

2 daughters, that live and work away.

Must say, I’m so much happier on my own, can do what I want, when I want, no one to answer to.

Try and be independent, have a car with scooter and hoist.

Keep well

Jen x

Hi Clare. I’m Karen, 53 and diagnosed in November with ppms. I met my partner 3 years ago while in limbo but ms isn’t an issue for him, he said that when I can’t get on the back of the motorbike he will put a sidecar on… think he’s a keeper. Karen

A definite keeper. Treasure him.


Hi there, I’ve also been diagnosed @ 20 years ago - (where did THAT go???) I never did much about finding others with MS till 2006, when l had a fall and got worse. Joined the local society.

Best thing I did was go to MS live in 2012 and 2014…do go if it comes anywhere near you! Suddenly, you in a massive space and all these ppl have MS…makes you realise you are not alone!! Bit of a postcode lottery but look out for other support groups as well.