Hello everyone, I'm new here

Hi, my name is Georgia, I’m 27 and I was diagnosed with RRMS just over 7 years ago now.

Life has got pretty lonely lately as all my old friends have drifted away. Hoping to meet some nice people here who get what it’s like to live with MS :blue_heart:


Hi Blenca we’re a friendly bunch on here always willing to chat. Some old us may be quite a bit older but still with our marbles!

Hello Georgia

Welcome to the forum. You were so young when diagnosed, it makes me feel so very sorry that it’s blighted your twenties.

As Moirah said, we are generally a fairly friendly bunch here. Many of us a bit older (blimey, I’m twice your age and have had MS almost as long as you’ve been alive!). But I’m not certain that we ALL have our marbles. Some of them go missing from time to time!

Regardless, we are pretty well supportive of each other. In the main we are agreed that MS stinks. So we need to try to help each other out. Too many people run scared when MS makes itself evident.


Hi Georgia, welcome to the forum x

Hi Georgia,welcome aboard!I’m new to the forum too so I hope we can all be a support to each other.

Hi, thanks for the warm welcome and welcome to you too! I hope so too, early days but everyone seems lovely so far :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Sue, thank you for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

It definitely felt like bad timing (not that there’s ever a good time to be diagnosed!). It all happened in my last year of university so i missed a lot of lectures and became distant with friends so sadly haven’t heard from them since graduating :confused:

That’s not a problem, I think my marbles go wandering a lot of the time too! :laughing:

MS sucks for sure. Really nice to talk to people who get it and won’t (and sadly can’t) run away from the subject.

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Thank you Moirah, I’m really looking forward to talking with you all :slight_smile:

Hi Georgia,

I’m not quite as old as the rest of them :wink::rofl:
I was diagnosed 4 years ago, I was 32.

I tried to stay fully active football, going out, etc… my normal life, I too found that friends became distant almost like I became a burden.

But the ones that are still present today have read all the booklets, are forever present in my daily life whether it’s just a text…

As for the rest of them, although it hurt at the time I cut contact, a phone works both ways so after me texting and ringing I was either shrugged off or ignored… there bl00dy loss…

Chin up… its hard enough as it is without having inconsiderate, selfish people hurting you too


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Hi Georgia,
I have RRMS since 2007, i see my MS as a fresh start to me. Being who i want to be, seeing my ms as a challange. In a way like a new hurdle added in my life run. But its always going to be there to jump. Some days it could be 1 foot high, so i walk over it and other days its 20 feet high and i cant jump it, but i try. Stay positive, ms is like a new feature added, a feature that is unique. Dont look upset towards the ms (i know its hard not to) but the ms can be a sod, where 1 day its faded in the background and next day its making you aware whos boss.
Stay positive, see it as a challenge, a new you.

Thank you for the support, feeling like a burden is exactly it. A few people were supportive at the beginning but 7 years on I’m still sick and it’s just an inconvenience to them :confused:

You’re totally right. Sometimes I think should I have made more of an effort to reach out and try harder but phones absolutely work both ways and if they’re not interested enough to even send a text then I’ll just save my energy.

I’m glad you’ve got some good friends in your life, you totally deserve them

Thank you again for the kind words, it really helps


You have a wonderfully optimistic outlook! :blush: thank you, this really gave me a boost