Hi, I am new to the forum and would love to chat!

Hello, I’m 54 and I’ve had MS since 2012.
I would love to chat to other people with my condition.
Everyone let me know what they got up to over Xmas?

Hi @Lemanie - I am new to the forum too. I was originally diagnosed with RRMS in 2014, but my MSNurse now thinks that has progressed to SPMS as despite no relapses showing on my MRI my condition has worsened. Trying to stay as positive as possible and met a really supportive guy that I in a relationship with.

I think the forum takes a little getting used to but everyone I have ‘met’ so far seems lovely and super supportive - so I hope you find the same.

All the best

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Hi Sue, I am sorry to hear your conditions have worsened but glad to hear you have the support of your partner.
I’m currently in a relapse and hoping I am near the end of it. Mobility slowly improving.
I find the forum a bit confusing but my daughter is helping me out.
Thank you for your kind reply.

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HI sue,
I was diagnosed ìwith R,R,M,S in 20016,was told I now have S,P,M,S.I havent been to work for 8 months as I cannot do my job,or the neurologist,said I wont be able to ,I also have a devoted partner, Its so hard to get my head round it as,ive been working in my job for 24 years,im so lost.

Hi Shelly, so sorry to hear about your job, that must be hard. Working definitely helps me, but there are times when I wish I didnt live alone or have bills to pay!! I have ‘given in’ and bought an electric scooter to try and regain some independence - it is still new and it still feels strange, but I am trying to live as full a life as possible and hoping this will allow that…. Do you have one? And has it made a difference if you do? Sue x

Hi sue,
Thinking about it, as my mobility is bad,but im a proud person,its bad enough using a stick,but i know ill have to give in sooner or later

I am, like you, a proud and independent person, but am trying to see it as embracing taking back some of the things that this illness has taken away and allowing me to do things without having to rely on others, no matter how much they tell me they don’t mind - I do!! Keep smiling and definitely keep in touch - this site has connected me with others and made me feel less ‘alone’ in my diagnosis x