Hello I'm new


im new to the forum, so thought if introduce myself! I have had rrms since 2012, considered to be highly active and am taking gilenya. I’m married with two boys, who are 6&4 so keep me busy! Just looking to talk to people who may understand how hard it is having ms! People without it seem to struggle to understand it.

look forward to speaking to you all.


Hi and welcome to the forum everyone is very welcoming and helpful on a wide range of subjects so if you have any questions just ask away. Take care of your self .Katy


love ur username! my youngest 2 were 4 and 2 when i was diagosed. older 2 were 10 and 12. theres still alot of life of be lived after dianosis!

welcome the forum!


Thank you :slight_smile: I think I’m getting on ok with everything, but sometimes I feel like I don’t want to burden the family with my issues so be great to be able to talk to you all who can relate!

Ellie - the usernames what I call my oldest son - he hates it!

Hi, welcome to they mad house!!

MS society does a good book to tell children about having MS, think it’s called My Mum has MS.

lots of other interesting leaflets too - think under the support heading,

Keep well ,

just booked my flu vaccination.

Jen x

Hi Bubblecup,

my name is Polly, I’m 38 my kids are quite a bit older they are 17 &12 I’m quite new to this site too, and just finding my way around and trying to make MS friends as my own friends either a) Do not get my illness at all B) ignore me because they don’t want to understand or C) the few others still don’t have it but do their best.

I have PPMS and I have been ill for a couple of years and deteriorated quickly, but only got the final dx in the last few months so I’m still learning as I go.

If you fancy messaging me feel free, this has been a great site.

speak soon

Polly xxx

Hello Bubblecup…cute name

Welcome to the forum. You have come to the right place for support, advice, laughs, jokes, recipes etc etc

Look forward to chatting

Noreen x


i was diagnosed when I was 24, I am now 34 with a 5 year old who thinks he is 15at times with his lil cheeky attitude :slight_smile: welcome to the site. People on here are a great help , as you say people with m.s try to understand but really don’t . Hope you are doing okay.


Hi bubblecup

love the name! I am recently diagnosed too with SPMS and it is a lot to deal with (I have 3 - aged 11, 7 and 4). Always live on the positive side of life (that’s what I do!!) and appreciate everyday everyday when I can walk about, teach and do everyday things (which I took for granted before as I know one day this might be taken away by this cruel condition). This site is lovely and there are always people ready to support and guide, you just a tap away, which is a comfort, or you can just read through and empathise with others even if you don’t respond (I do this a lot - sometimes I think I get that too but am too tired to think about writing a response!!). Anyway, welcome to the forum x

stacey x x

Thanks for all the lovely welcomes!

Been reading through lots of old posts, seems to be a very helpful site, I’m sure I’ll need some help along the way myself.

I have been diagnosed since 2012, so not a complete newbie to ms, new to forums thougH.

Cheers again for making me feel welcome!

Bubblecup x