1 year, 2 months and 4 days

yep thats how long ive had ms and i still havnt met or talked to  anyone ever who has it 2. so basically im lookin for some ms buds who are around the same age (im 25) not been diagnosed that long (much more important than age) and have a positive outlook on the disease and life in general

pm me if u wana chat (hope someone does)





Hi suinegrekopa

Welcome to the forum. It's certainly a great place for those of us who are diagnosed or un-diagnosed. I'm 29 - still have no proper answer aside from an episode of spinal inflammation so essentially undiagnosed. 

I'm sure you'll have had some people PM or reply to this post but you might also find messaging on the young people forum or the everyday and lifetsyle section useful also. 

Just wanted to bump this post up to make sure other people get to see it and say sorry you have been diagnosed with MS but welcome to the forum and it's fantastic you have a positive outlook. Most people when they initially think of MS think the worst (someone in a wheel chair) I know I certainly did. I think listening and reading stories makes you realise very quickly that MS certainly doesn't mean the end it just means living differently and in some ways appreciating things a lot more.

Hope you get the support you need here and I'm sure us limbolanders would also find your experience valuable.



Hi and welcome,

Unfortunately I'm not 25 but 65 and dx with SPMS. I have had it for over 30 years but not dx until 2011 so if you'd like a chat just pm me.


Hi Suinegrekopa and welcome happy2

I'm not 25 either (wished I!!). Instead I'm a  gnats cock away from turning 42.

I was dx Jan 2010 but on reflection reckon I've had ms for many years and just kept sweeping my symptoms under the carpet until I couldn't ignore them anymore....

I'm another one who likes to stay chipper about life (and ms) so feel free to pm me anytime

Debbie xx