Wish I had found your forum sooner!

Hi guys! It’s been a tough 18 months for myself and wished I had looked in to things a little sooner. I’m not one for searching or looking up symptoms because if I’m honest I’d probably develop them :slight_smile: I know that if I’m diagnosed with MS that I have to keep going and life’s not over etc etc, and please forgive me for sounding ignorant It’s not my intention and certainly not true… As I know very little about MS and what it does etc I’m not sure what will happen, what to do, how I stand not even what to expect? I drive an hgv for a living, live alone and really just generally don’t know how it will effect or what the consequences will be for me?. I will read through the forum and have a look at what you guys say! Thank you in advance kind regards John

Hi John,

don’t know if this will help but… I was diagnosed many years ago at 20 something - a young mum about to start a degree to become a teacher. I had 2 choices - carry on and do what I’d planned or just … give up. No I am not a martyr or trying to say it will be easy, but I firmly believe - you get what you are given- and you just deal with it. That sounds harsh, but 20 years on, I am now still working (as a Teacher), my children are grown up and the MS? Well I can’t walk - use a wheelchair. Some days are bad and so I have a ‘duvet day’. Socialising is a thing of hit and miss and real friends just accept that some days are just cancelled.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that - it will be okay. Whatever is around the corner won’t change. Sure, some drugs may help but you musn’t let this stupid illness get in the way of your plans/happiness/future. You will adapt and find a way when (and if) the time comes.

Hope this helps.

J. x

Hi John, and welcome to the site

To be honest, even those of us who have been diagnosed with MS have no idea what the future might hold! That’s arguably the toughest thing to learn to deal with actually - that the future is not set in stone with MS.

One thing’s for sure, as Jody has already said, MS does not mean that life is either over or bad. It’s human nature to adapt and move on; to survive. And most MSers manage this really bl**dy well :slight_smile:

Karen x

The first thing that you have to do - when you get a firm diagnosis - is to inform the DVLA (and any private motor insurers you might have). They will do whatever they feel like at the time, but you can expect:

A private car licence that is good for three years only.

Loss of your HGV licence, but with reinstatement if you don’t have visual problems, or a loss of limb function. They may require a retest or just work on what the consultant says when they ask for details.

What you do not want to do is to return your old licence just because they have asked for it. They will tell you that you can use their letter as a licence while you wait on their decision, but i do not know how many of our blue uniformed friends understand this.

Above all, remember that the DVLA are not exactly logical - I can no longer drive anything commercial in the under 3 tonnes category, but they have left me with my licence for a main battle tank.


Geoff, Karen and Jody thank you very much for your messages. I do understand my questions where hard to answer, as there is no definate answers, and MS can be so different for us all. I say us because certain tests ive had done show signs. That being said I shall stay positive and take each day as it comes, I wish you all comfort and would like to keep you posted on how things turn out for me. Thanks again for taking the time to speak with me kindest regards John