Hi, I just wanted to post and introduce myself. I’m Lorna and 32. After some 6 months of stand alone ‘irritating’ things happening to me, I finally was diagnosed with MS yesterday. I’ve have the MRI showing a concentration of white matter (still yet to understand that!). My symptoms have been linked to loss of feeling in arms and now right leg/food and two seperate eye things, one being optic neuritis last month. I’m still kinda in the numb stage with how I feel. There were some tears at work today and a few at home. I’m not seeing the consultant again until January and so woke with that ‘limbo’ feeling today. I’ve been introduced to the MS Nurse but again the first formal meet isn’t till Jan. Scared and confused pretty much sum me up at the moment. I’m really looking forward to speaking to people in the know though, on here :slight_smile: xx

Hi Lorna

Welcome to the forum.

Hello and welcome :slight_smile: Axx

Hi Lorna,

Welcome to the forum and sorry you are here, if you know what I mean.

I’m fairly new and learning too.

A few things you need to do. If you drive you must inform the DVLA. They will probobly put you on a 3 year licence which is free to renew.

Secondly you need to inform your car insurance company. They can’t increase the premium, but you need to tell them.

Thirdly seek out any critical illness policies or any clauses in your mortgages as MS is usually one of the listed illnesses they pay out on and I’ve seen some posts that say their policies had a time period you had to claim in.

Finally give yourself time to come to terms with this but try to keep a positive outlook on life. I decided quite early on I could either sink into woe is me or try to enoy life as much as possible. Which ever option I chose, in 5 years time I’d still be in the same place in terms as how disabled I was, so where ever I end up I may as well get there having fun (within reason!). Doesn’t always work but hey I can live with the 80/20 rule! :slight_smile:

Take care

Thanks all! The amount of info of these boards is really helpful. Shuffler- I like you’re attitude x

Hi Lorna & welcome

Hope you find a bit of support and help here if you need it :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Hello Lorna

Welcome to the site.

I’ve just recently been diagnosed…lots of great support on here.

Take care, Noreen

Welcome Lorna. Hope you’re doing ok - it’s a lot to take in isn’t it. I was diagnosed in June and still getting me head round it all. Take care and be kind to yourself xx