New diagnosis

Hi All,

As a newbie I’d like to say hello to all on here & look forward to chatting with you.

I’ve just had a confirmation of MS & thought I’d join up & learn as much as possible on MS.

As it’s still early days they haven’t said which type of MS I have so I’m making notes of all the niggles I get to pass on to neurologist, MS nurse at next visit.

If anyone has any info or tips on things I should be doing please let me know.


Hello and welcome to the club. I was diagnosed a few years back, advice that I would have liked to be given would have been, take time to accept the diagnosis, took me three years, so don’t be to hard on yourself. Nothing you have done has caused you to have MS, when my hands first started going numb, I blamed my iPad! And a good friend of mine that has had MS for 27 years blamed hers on worming the dog! Silly I know.

If you haven’t done so already you need to inform DVLA, for a form, complete then they takes weeks if not months to let you know, don’t worry about this they know we need to have a driving licence, I was issued with a three year renewable one. Also let car insurers know doesn’t make any difference to your premium in my experience.

Start reading up on Disease Modifying Drugs, MS trust has an excellent booklet explaining all the options. If your MS is causing you day to day living/mobility problems consider applying for PIP (Personal Independence Payment) it is a non means tested benefits and it could help you with the extra costs that living with MS can bring.

Check if you have any insurance, if you have a mortgage or critical illness cover.

There are others on here that know a lot about MS that can give suggestions to help you.

You may find keeping a symptom diary helps, but don’t put everything down to MS.

Consider having a flu jab, people with MS are eligible.

Wishing you all the very best for the future.

Sarah x

Hello Davy and welcome,

Sarah has given you good advice and I can’t really add to it. If you need to have a rant, moan or more questions just ask and someone will be able to help.



Thanks Janet & Sarah.

I’ve done the driving licence bit, for which they kindly charged me £30!!! At least Robin Hood wore a mask!!

The DLA side of things is still on going so I can only but wait on that outcome. Fingers crossed.

Thanks Sarah for the info on reading material, which I shall get stuck into as I’m on the learning curve.

The diary idea is great, as I can also add in what I was doing etc to see if there’s any triggers for relapses.