New Diagnosis, What now?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been newly diagnosed only a few days ago with MS, following two new lesions on my head scan. I am awaiting to be seen by the MS specialist nurse to discuss the best treatment plan for me. I was told by the neurologist consultant that I needed to let the DVLA know but when I’ve looked at the form I need to fill in, I currently can’t answer most of the questions that they ask as I’m not currently being treated. I also have no ‘formal’ diagnosis as in any paperwork and im not sure if the GP will have any paperwork from the consultant yet.

Any ideas of what I should be doing? Should I fill in the DVLA for as I can now then send an up to date form when I start my treatment? Can I still drive legally in the meantime? I’m currently feeling okay and obviously wouldn’t drive if I didn’t feel up to it but I’m worried about driving to work on Monday.

Also how long is it normally between your diagnosis and seeing the MS nurse?

Sorry for all the questions but it’s stuff I didn’t really think about when the consultant gave me the news a few days ago.

Hi there,

the important thing is to phone DVLA and make them aware of your diagnosis, the form can wait til you have the info required - I surrendered mine and after returning my licence to DVLA, I still received two more letters chasing me for the medical form, so don’t panic, DVLA will chase you Yes you can drive, your licence is still valid.

Anyway, if a neurologist has told you MS, then you have been formally diagnosed (unfortunately). There will be a letter detailing what was discussed at your appointment but it can take a couple of weeks. The MS nurse referral can take a little while as they’re notoriously busy!

Take a deep breath and try to relax, stress and MS do not mix well. Gutted for you to be saddled with the MonSter too. This place can be a bit of a life saver too. I don’t know how people coped with diagnosis before the internet. However, just remember there is no real ‘cure’ but a good diet, exercise, loosing bad habits like smoking and a positive outlook helps. Lots of use blog too, helps my sanity if nothing else

Take care

Sonia x


I have also been diagnosed recently and I have my MS nurse appointment for 28th November. It had taken about 4 weeks from neurological doctor diagnosis to this point. I haven’t spoken to DVLA yet as I’m waiting for this MS nurse appointment, but I have informed my work.



This is the DVLA web page about notification of a medical condition: Medical conditions, disabilities and driving - GOV.UK There is a link to a page of all the notifiable diagnoses - and of course, MS is one of them.

So follow the instructions on the website and you’ll be OK. So long as your doctor certifies that you are safe to drive, then you’d normally be issued with a 3 year license, at the end of which time you have to reapply.