I have a diagnosis.

I saw the neuro doc this morning and she was lovely. She explained everything to me but wasn’t for actually saying I had MS. So in the end, I asked, ’ so is this a diagnosis’ and she said, ‘yes, It all certainly points towards that albeit maybe more at the benign end at the moment.’

So now I have a label I suppose. I was really quite nervous before I went in even though I knew what was coming really. I am pleased in a way as I was half expecting them to say well it could be but we have to wait for you to relapse again.

She has sorted me out an appt with the MS nurse and given me her details should I want to contact her sooner.

So what do I have to do now?? Does the DVLA have to be informed or my car insurers etc??


Congratulations and commiserations Nette.

I really wish neuros would stop saying things like “benign” and “mild” - they aren’t fortune tellers after all! Still, the main thing is that you have a name for what’s been going on, and that really can be a huge relief.

The only people you have to tell are the DVLA. When they put you on a 3 year licence (standard procedure these days I think), you need to declare that on insurance applications, but the insurance company cannot put the premium up. (If you drive anything other than a car, you will have to sit a test which can be a major hassle.) You can access the form via the DVLA website.

Make sure and check your mortgage policy or anything else that might have critical health cover - MS is something that they pay out for, but there is often a time limit to apply.

I can’t remember if you are working or not. If you are, then you are covered by the Equality Act (DDA in Scotland). This means that your employer has a legal obligation to make “reasonable adjustments” to allow you to stay in work (e.g. new equipment, different shifts if possible, etc. I think it’s a good idea to tell an employer about a diagnosis, but a lot of people choose not to - it’s a personal choice.

Have to dash, but I’m sure some of the others will tell you anything I’ve forgotten!

Karen x