New to this website, I've been diagnosed for 8 Months.

Hello there, Call me Bam. I got diagnosed back in September last year and my god it’s difficult. I’m still working as a bus driver too but I’m looking to reduce my hours to help me try and get on my feet.

I’m happy to be here and help support each other through this difficult condition.


Hi Bam, welcome to the community.
Post-diagnosis can be a complete brainf**k, anger, grief, depression and confusion are just a few things you’re likely to go through before a more calming defiant acceptance.
Make sure you get one of the highly effective DMT’s from the start, as the long term prognosis is much better.
If you’re in the UK you must tell DVLA of the diagnosis, which might affect your PSV licence as you’re now a “disabled driver” but until DVLA make a decision once notified you can drive, but not notifying them means you’ll technically be driving without a licence.


Yeah I’ve let the DVLA know and now I am on a medical license that needs to be renewed every year. I also haven’t been prescribed anything at all since my diagnosis which I find really strange, every day is an absolute challenge right about now and it can be very lonley at times.

Hi Bam, just wondering if you have been given an MS Nurse to contact about treatment and what happens next?

I have had contact with the MS Nurses but I have no idea what comes next and I haven’t bee prescribed anything yet either.

I think I would just ask the MS Nurse - what next and when do I find out about Disease Modifying Treatments

Thanks for the advice, I’ll be seeing them at the end of this month :crossed_fingers:t2: