Sudden Realisation & Decision Time

Well its that time and today after my Hydrotherapy yesterday and the pain its left me in today and correspondance of theres little doubt its MS from the neuro and MS Nurse saying i think you can take it as a confirmed diagnosis im in that limbo bubble do i inform DVLA and go from there or do i not tell the MS Nurse of my symptoms and risk not getting treated like i did with my eye which resulted in total loss of sight , now im faced with losing my licence my tracked truck and motorcycle entitlements ? so many question so little answers but i know what i must do but it dont feel like i wanna do it and that is ask for a confirmed diagnosis not a i think or theres little doubt but a yes it is now toddle off and tell dvla , in my lifee theres only been 1 thing i was any good at and that was driving hence the motorsport pastimes i did now i may lose the lot ? this is now festering as anger and frustration and my missus sheep is thinking its aimed at her my kids are giving me a wide berth as they know im about to fly , so many questions of what to ask and how to ask to get my answers damn it sucks and my respect goes out to anyone in or has been through this, sense tells me to tell them of my new symptoms and inform dvla and then fight to get my motorcycle part back but my heart is screaming noooo keep quiet shut up and let things just develop im torn between right and wrong and know i must do the right thing, im thee only 1 in my house that drives or rides, we have no car as we only have bikes, and we are 50 mins away from my hospital etc due to the ptsd im really fighting but not winning the public transport and loads of people boundaries that i need to cross and win over.

damn im confused sorry for the rant but i know no one that has ever gone through this my parents and misses sheep have been fantastic all the way and still are and you folks on here are too sorry for the rant but today is a hard day and 1 of realisation and decisions

rant over again apologies

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Feel free to rant here it really helps believe me. I can’t understand how you are feeling never went through it, my dx came as a bolt of the blue, don’t know what’s worse. Anyway with regard to the dvla, I was a bit like you, but being an ex driving instructor knew that I had to them, but only after confirmed dx. They restricted my licence to 3 years, took away anything over 3.5 tonne, but that suited me as I now don’t have to drive the tippers for our business result!!! But I also kept my bike licence upto 1000cc, can’t quite work that one out. After speaking to MS nurse about appealing realised I couldn’t be bothered with another fight, but she did inform me about a paramedic driver who she helped to keep her full licence for her job, so it can happen. Good luck with what ever you decide to do, remember we are all here for the rants. Take care

Hello sheep. Yes, a dilemma there. I totally get what you mean about driving. I’ve wanted to drive a car since I was little. I was so made up when I learnt to drive. I know how you’re feeling. If you feel 100 percent safe and don’t have a definate diagnosis, then leave it till you know. If, on the other hand, you’re not 100 percent confident and you have a diagnosis, then you need to let them know love. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy hunni. Have you tole Mrs Sheep how you’re feeling about the driving? Xxx

hi sheep

sorry mate but you have to tell dvla or your insurance will be invalid.

however a 3 year licence ain’t so bad.

and as billpat said, you will be able to ride your motorbikes up to 1000cc

aw man, its sh*t.

take care

carole x

Thanks folks i am on a bit of a low ebb at the moment but alot of what you guys have said makes alot of sense and helps and i thankyou for that , ive decided to make the right choice and not my hearts choice and ask them for a letter of confirmed diagnosis and then take on the DVLA and hopefully as stated above keep my motorcycle part of the licence as for trucks 7.5 ton and tracked vehicles i dont think i will be needing that in my furture anyways so they can have those, but may ask here for advice with regards to DVLA if i get questions as in all honesty my MS Nurse hasnt brimmed me with confidence in the form of 3 months to reply to an email and my neuro hasnt either with 3 months waiting for the results of my mri in written format but thanksfully i got them from my gp a few weeks back , ive always been truthful in my life even when at times it would of been great benefit had i kept my mouth shut and pride myself on my honesty and integrity as i think telling them was never an issue just admitting it to myself has been the issue , yep fully confident and feel fully safe on 2 wheels though the day for 3 is coming i expect but until then im gonna fight for what i have

again all comments appreciated and i thankyou respect sheep


Hi sheep

just been through the DVLA thing mate, and as others have said lost my entitlement to anything above 3.5 ton, but can appeal, apparently it’s just going for an assessment .

but not bothered about it…but kept my full motorbike entitlement , so still happy

good luck


Hay Sheep!
I know what you are talking about buddy!
Thought long (very long) and hard about this as really didn’t want to loose my bike licence due to the MS!
As others have said I was pleasantly surprised to find my 3 year licence still includes full bike licence!
Not really bothered about the 3.5 tonne limit thing but you can appeal this.

Take Care!

Thanks Gray yep like you im not too worried about my 7.5 or my 18 ton tracked vehicle entitlment just the bike 1 lol daft in it but we bikers love our 2 wheels wind in our hair flies in our teeth :slight_smile: in a lot better place today now ive made a decision printed off the forms and ready for the ms nurse on the 21st even printed off what questions im going to ask her as age hasnt been kind with my memory he he he he well thats my excuse but dont tell the wife

Hi Steve yep thanks buddy its weird how when we see that the bike entitlement and a chance of losing it becomes a massoove issue i reckon we must have 4 Star running through our veins buddy (for those not old enough to know 4 Star and 2 & 3 Star was around before unleaded :slight_smile:

But seriously thanks folks im back in a pleasant place today and in an organised 1 with a organised veiw and plan of action

respect sheep

Good news sheep

must meet up for a coffee & talk bikes


So happy to hear that you are now in a better place, I think sometimes it’s just taking control for yourself that makes all the difference. Enjoy the sunny weather biking.

Brilliant to hear. Enjoy the sun xx

Thanks folks and yes defo Gray i will look forward to that im planning a ride to Plymouth this summer boy am i gonna pay for that 1 so maybe able to pop in on my way or way back buddy

regards Sean