Hello Everyone, my name is Safrina.

I have been diagnosed in Feb 2019, still trying to understand what is going on. It seems that everyday there is something new. Would love to talk with others in the same situation. Thanks :blush:

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Hi @Safrina welcome

It takes a bit of getting your head around doesn’t it (rhetorical question, we ALL struggle with that!) :rofl:

We’re a very friendly bunch here, so feel free to read as much as you can, join in wherever seems relevant to you and if you would like to, tell us a bit more about yourself. If you just need a bit of lighthearted chat, there’s threads for that, or if you want of offload and vent, there’s plenty of threads for that too… or start your own.


I’m not new to this membership none of us wants to belong to, so one thing that I can warn you about is just that when you think you have your MS figured out, it’s going to throw something else at you. Sometimes, I’ll deal with bizarre issues for several months, and then they never happen again. Other times, something will pop up over and over at random intervals.

But welcome to the forum!

HI Safrina,

Same here recently diagnosed ( i’m 28years old ) and a little scared but also trying to understand! :smiley:

Hi Safrina and others,
This is my first post here having been diagnosed about 3 years ago. It all does take time to accept for yourself. In fact, probably thats one of the most difficult things to deal with in my experience. I also have to say that treatment has been amazing for me and nothing changes who you are :slight_smile:

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Ah that’s great - I was nervous about everything! I mean still I am a little nervous but this has helped me a little bit.

Understood. I went on a massively destructive path because I didn’t know how to deal with it yet. It just takes time but also gets easier every day while you get used to a slightly different future for yourself. Hang in there and stay strong. Be sure to talk with everyone you are close enough to and share you experience. That also helps.

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This is so sweet of you. Thanks :slight_smile: