Saying hi

Hi all, thought it would be good to speak to people in the same boat as me so finally decided to come on here. I’ve had ms since I was 17 but it has never really affected my life until now. I had a relapse in January and since then I’ve fallen into that pit of anxiety or worry over every little twinge or irregular feeling as well as the inevitability of starting medication. In my head I’m being a drama queen since my situation is probably relatively ok but just can’t shake that nagging feeling something is going to always be with me now.


Hi AAJM. I know exactly what you mean about ‘a pit of anxiety’. We’ve all been there… But don’t be too quick to push yourself into inevitability mode though. No-one really knows how things are going to pan out. I have been diagnosed 12 years now (RRMS) and have managed to stay fairly well with no real lapses to declare. I do get tempted into thinking something is lurking around the corner and just this morning was convinced my left leg was dragging when out walking (it isn’t) but that’s only natural. Speaking personally, I try to be positive (not always easy in my life of work!), be well (as I can) and live life. the lurking thing can go do one. :wink:

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