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Hi there, Im new here!! My name is Abbie im 29 years old and live in Cardiff. I was diagnosed with MS around 5 months ago, my consultant believes this is the third time in a year. Im also finding this very difficult to get my head around if im very honest and feel as if im on my own with this. I just wanted to open up and chat with people who get it and experience this x

Hi @abbiehayes94
Welcome. I was 19 when I got dx, 20+ years ago, you’re definitely not on your own.
Some call this like a journey, I like to compare it to a rollercoaster ride with lots of ups and downs; you’ll be fine, just as long as you hold on tight. :roller_coaster:
Best regards,

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Hi Abbie I’m Sian I’m also in Cardiff. I saw a consultant yesterday who thinks it’s almost certain that I’ve got MS. I’m happy to meet up and chat. I can’t get my head around it either. Xxx


It just takes time for it to sink in but you will be able to cope with MS. It’s different for everyone so hold on to the hope that it may turn out not too bad for you.
Good luck.

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It would be great to meet up and share our experience etc xx

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