Hello, I've just joined

Hi I’m Janet. Just received an official diagnosis three days ago after months of tests and mri’s. Very scared at the moment.
I feel like I want to know everything but also don’t want to know everything.


I am sure you are worried, scared and a little bit frightened. I got diagnosed at 24 and this year I will be 50. It feels like yesterday when I was told the news.

For everyone it’s different and it’s certainly doesn’t have to be doom and gloom. I got married have kids and still goto festivals, holidays and go out with friends.

What I would say is give yourself some time to get things clear in your mind. Be positive and look for the good in everything you do, it’s all still there even if today your not so sure

Fingers crossed everything works out ok


This totally sums up memory of my own feelings in the same boat 20+ years ago. It’s not a fun time, and I really feel for you. I promise that you will get through the initial shock and that something that feels remarkably like normal will reassert itself in your life. But it takes time, and there are no short cuts to battling your way through those early days. Hang on in there - you will not always feel this bad, that I can promise.

Hi Janet,

Very scared is a perfectly reasonable response to such big news. I was not scared, I was absolutely terrified. However; I got my diagnosis in 1991 and have learned quite a lot since then. I have had a half decent career and a very good life. There have been bad times and good times, and my goalposts and thresholds keep changing.(by that I mean stuff that was scary or unthinkable years ago, is now part of my everyday “normal” )
My recommendation to you is, build a team of family , friends and medical professionals who you can share things with. Try not to get too angry or worry about all of the “what ifs” . Deal with the day to day, listen and learn about your body, but also just live your life, MS is just one aspect and should not take over your life.

I am starting to witter now, so will wish you all the best


Hello Janet

Welcome to the forum. I’m sure it’s the last place you dreamt you’d want to be welcomed, but hopefully you will find support, fellow feeling, information and even maybe a few laughs here.

It’s certainly a very scary time, the first few days after diagnosis. I get the wanting to know everything and equally wanting to know nothing about MS. It would be wonderful to go to sleep tonight, wake up in the morning and find the last few months have been an extended nightmare, but one that’s now over!

Such a shame that can’t happen.

When you react the point of wanting to know, let us know what you need, we’ll be here and happy to help.



I keep saying to myself ’ I’ve got multiple sclerosis’ and then I think that must have been a bad dream the consultant didn’t really say that to me…:thinking:

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Thanks Mick. I’ve started working from home this week and that’s made me feel more positive…Janet

Hi Alison, I’ve read lot’s of stuff about the different journeys people have and how they’ve been affected by it but I suppose it will take time I’m for me to know how I’m affected in the long run. I was thinking last night it was scary when I didn’t know what it was just test after test and consultants thinking it was one thing then another thing. I’m thankful for a diagnosis but scared at the same time wondering how I’ll be affected but I’ll just take it in my stride.

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