I refuse to grow old gracefully!

Afternoon playmates!

Havent we been spoiled with 2 gorgeous warm and sunny days? It`s gone off again here…but hey-ho, there must be more to come sometime.

Re the title of my post…I had a new hairstyle yesterday.

It sure is striking! It`s red all over with a black sweep across the front. The cut is choppy and feathered…I also had my eye brows shaped and tinted.

I love it! Hubby said he will reserve judgement…nuts to that!

I said, Just because I am 60, I refuse to have a perm with a blue rinse!

luv Pollx

Good Girl.I just mis-read, and thought there was a letter S at the beginning of one of your four letter words in the last sentence.MEGALOL

Your barnet looks lovely,and I whole-heartedly approve of the colour.

Wb xx

As it has been said “Grow old disgracefully, it is so much more fun!”

Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional! Love the sound of your hairstyle! X

Oh well done - I went ulta violet some weeks ago !!!

I can stop babies crying in supermarkets with one glance, their eyes widen, their mouths open and the sobbing stops instantly !!

i already get stares from little people when I look at them and smile or gurn!

Ultra violet…wow!

And how old are you if I dare ask.?

luv Zany Gran Pollyx

But you havent seen me in person Wb. If youre imagining, let me help you.

I am 5ft 5ins, stand high in my chariot, weigh 8st and am a size 12.

And if you believe that etc…

luv Pollx

ps you are a naughty boy!

At (almost) 42 I have just started to go grey at the sides - thats not too bad is it - and initially I was just going to let it go but now I’m thinking I could all sorts of different colours from Jet Black to Platimum blonde.

Ok - original colour is red so the rest of the colouring might not suit but I never know til I try. Any suggestion? - Not blue though - as an Arsenal supporter (somebody has to be) my conscience wouldn’t let me

good on yer poll!!!

i have my blonde (boring) hair dyed copper and a bit spiky and choppy.

got told i look like david bowie! but he’s cool so i like it.

carole x

(aged 54)

Oh Poll that sounds lovely!

You go girl…

Pat x

I totally agree! Good for you !! I’ve booked my friend to cut my hair a week on Tuesday for a major restyle and coverage of the grey, ordered some new clothes and am going to try and be as disgraceful as I can, spms isn’t going to keep me down anymore !!! Well done your inspiring us all, Thanks xx

Why not have a consultation with a good hair salon. They`ll know what will take…colourwise on your red base.

Go on, be`s fun!

luv Pollx

Sounds VERY cool to me. good for you. Glam up!

luv Pollx

Thats the ticket..........glam up and chuff what anyone else thinks...or says. Theyre only jealous of your daring attitude. Fabulous!

luv Pollx

Good for you Poll, I bet you look like real cool kid I admire your attitude. Janet x

Hi Poll

Have you read… “Warning” …a poem by Jenny Joseph.

Are you a mad red hatter?

Best to you m’dear


Sounds lovely Poll. I have been told by some people, that now i am older, I need to start looking more toned down, and I am only 24! No way am i going to tone down lol xxx

sounds great like your style


Go girl go!!! How sad am I? Having had red/auburn hair all my life I’m now welcoming the grey hair (51) as something different!! But good on ya!, the hair sounds AMAZING :slight_smile:

Cheers all for your replies.

washed my hair and just cannot style it like the hair salon did.

hubby got me a mini straightener…only a fiver! So gonna try that and see if I can get the black sweep to sweep as it should.

luv Pollx