What is your Hair and Eye Colour?

Hi everyone

I’m trying to get a picture of what we all look like. (I know. I don’t get out enough!)

I am an unnatural blonde (naturally a brunette) with brown eyes.

Shazzie x

Brown - greying - needs recolouring. Eyes: passport says grey, but I don’t think that’s quite true - I was stuck for a description.

Grey-green, but with flecks around the pupils that have been once described as “orange” (my little brother), and once even as blood - leaving me rushing to the mirror in panic, only to find my eyes looked exactly the same as always. Had to explain to the astonished commenter that no, I don’t have a “bleed” in my eye - that is their natural pigment! It was someone who’d known me some time, as well. She’d obviously never looked at my eyes closely enough to notice there is rust or amber colour round the centres. I know my eyes are slightly unusual, but I never had it mistaken for blood, except that once.

The scientific term for it is central heterochromia - it just means a different colour round the iris. People who have complete heterochromia have two different coloured eyes!



Hi Shazzie, natural blonde with blue eyes

That is so interesting Tina. I Is that what David Bowie has then?

Aren’t brothers lovely?

See. This is why I posted this thread. I assumed when reading your posts that you were young and intelligent. Now I am thinking. Why is your hair greying if you are young. Mind you you could still be young. I think I have got the intelligent assumption right though.

Isn’t it funny how we put a picture of how someone looks in our head just by reading their posts.

Shazzie x

Hi Shazzie

I am a typical Redhead, faded over the years, now have two shades of blonde highlights. Short hair in layers at the back…long point to my jaw at sides.

Pale skin, with a few freckles… Which I like pale blue eyes

Bra size heeheehee

I’m pleased I sound young (and intelligent!), but alas I shall be 49 next birthday. Not long until the big 5-0.

Yeah, when we were kids, my brother (eight years younger), apparently on considering my eyes for the first time, shouted: “Mum! Tina’s got ORANGE eyes!”

I think what David Bowie has is different, and caused by an injury. I think one pupil is permanently dilated, giving the illusion his eyes are different colours, so it’s not genuine heterochromia. Still looks good on him, though. Surprising that an injury could work out attractive. I suppose scars can be attractive in some places, on some people - mainly men - rarely women.



Mousey brown hair but now almost all grey (growing old disgraifully)he he!

Eyes well there pale blue but like Anrita i have a large fleck of brown in my left eye my gp once thought it was blood but when i said i had it all my life he relaxed,whew.


Innit funny? Such colouring is unusual, but not that unusual. You’d have thought it common enough not to be mistaken for blood, or anything else horrible, but part of normal diversity.



Don’t we all sound lush. Tina, 49 is young!!! I am 54 and find that the bleach is the only thing that will colour my grey. Tint doesn’t touch it now. Lol!!

Cherrylips. You sound lovely.

Barbara. Growing old disgracefully. There isn’t any other way is there?

Noreen. Two shades of highlights. You little devil.

I’ll let you start the thread about bra size!! Mine is 40F. Hehehehe!!!

Shazzie x

40F Wowza

32 DD for me…another wrong queue I got into

But how old???

38c, only just gone up as I’ve put on weight again!!! (Like blossom, wrong queue, again!!!)

Oh Noreen. I would rather be 32DD.

Plays havoc when I do handstands!!! Lol!!!

blond, sort of blond, darker in winter bluish grey eyes and no I am not ginger, gingerlil is the name of my cat as well.

Red hair, with a black streak…not long and flowing, like Boudica’s, but just as real…mmmm? Eyes are green, dunno what Boudicca’s were!


Typical Irish redhead - was actually a strawberry blonde when I was a wee girl but have darkened over the years. I’m more a chestnut now (starting to go grey though), normally quite long but have just had a haircut and now have a fringe for the first time in years. Years of first learning and now working as an engineer has made it my habit to have hair in a ponytail.

Eyes are usually grey but can look blue depending on the colour of make-up or clothing.

Bra size is 38E.

JBK xx

hi shazzie

my hair is unnaturally carnation pink at the moment.

getting a new colour (the madder the better) is my favourite way to cheer myself up.

fancy electric blue soon.

my natural colour is blonde but the first thing i did when i got my dx was have my first mad colour (purple)

ha ah!

carole x


brown eyes.

hair mmmmmm it used to be at least half way down my back-got a no.3 and raised funds for mss(£500)

now its short and unruly! going to ask carer to dye it red for christmas. if its a disaster i will just get no.3 again!

my friend has cancer-has still got hair for now-but if she wanted support if shes loses it i would have no hesitation in shaving mine off.

vanity-an awful thing isnt it?! tho mess with my eyebrows…i am obsessional about them!!!

ellie x

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Hiya shazzie I’m a dark brown eyed brunette although I’m always putting tints through my hair. I’m currently rocking bit of a purple haze but need to go back to the hairdressers for a colour top up. I’m 36 & have started getting grey hairs (wah!) so not a happy bunny. They’re coming in at the sides and I think if I left them I’ll end up looking like Morticia Adams… Not a good look! I’m not telling my bra size though - yous’ll just laugh Lets just say I’m still waiting to grow mine. I do my exercises religiously - ‘I must I must increase my bust’ so any day now I’ll wake up with more than a handful of boobs. Any…day…now… !!!

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You’re a similar age to my daughter libertine. She’s just had her 37th birthday

She’s a petite size 8…like me before I was blessed with two children I would say she has very neat and firm pair of boobies ( small but well formed) be proud girl…be proud!!!