Lovely to meet you!

I have sometimes wondered what our members actually look like in reality. Those little personal Avatars are sometimes amusing. What made the “owner” decide to use that one? What makes us decide to change it, if at all?

If i start and reveal a little of the real me, who is brave enough to blow their cover?

It’s no secret that I am 58. I’m often told I look like I’m still in my late 40s. I never argue with that!

I had my two children young and consider myself a young grandmother. I’m clinging on to my slender shape with grim determination, but alas, my grip is loosening! I had a tattoo on my ankle when I was forty two. It was supposed to be a delicate ladybug. It actually resembled one on steroids, with big chunky legs. Ten years later I had it covered with a beautiful Oriental lily. I had a navel piercing the following year.

I have been blessed with good skin and healthy dark hair. (At least some of me is healthy) I am a jeckel and hyde wardrobe style and that’s been the same all of my life. Classy and dressy, casual jeans and tee shirt, Bohemian and hippy style. I own all of these styles and am still comfortable in all of these. I dress according to how I feel that day. Husband never knows who he’s going to be with today!

So, is anyone else coming out to play?

hi poppy

i’d put a photo of the real me on but i’d find it really hard because i’m not using windows but a chromebook.

so being on this site and being able to access my photos isn’t possible.

anyway i don’t think it would be kind to put a horror pic on here!

carole x

Hello Poppy.

You sound cool.

I’m 62 and had a tattoo on my arm when I was 60. I have stickers on my scooter and wheelchair and always dress up to go out. The profile picture is of my daughter and me.

Outside, I’m very much up front, as in a wheelchair, people stare at me. When I get on a bus, my audience watch with interest and curiosity. I always say good morning or good afternoon. I never go out in the evening. Evenings are for me alone.

I drive my electric wheelchair in the road. The pavements are a nightmare. Any truculent motorists are given a cheery wave. I like to go on the train. At Euston Station, I’m deadly. I wouldn’t run over anyone’s toes deliberately but I need to get about as well. If they’re staring up, worshipping the great god departures board, it can be tricky.

Best wishes.

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Ooh Carole, I don’t think I’d put a photo of me on here. The photo i have put is of the Demon Cat. I suppose I was meaning a virtual profile… Cool Steve? Hah! I am many things but I’m not sure about cool. :slight_smile: What made you decide to get a tattoo at 60?

My pics on here, cuz I’m rather chuffed with the new off roader. However I am dressed in several layers that day - twas a winters morn…

I’m 61 (eek), never had a tattoo, I have experienced Euston in a wheelie. Quite the experience. I do hate it when they leave you on, and the ramp takes eons to appear!

I like to travel but wheels and having a partner with a need for dialysis does need military planning. At the mo I pretty much grounded due to wheelchair breakdown.

Hello. This is a portrait of me.

I’m 51, I would be tall if I could stand up straight. Laid out end to end I’d measure about 5 foot 10. And I’m very pleased that even with me sitting in the ‘chair, my urologist has said twice (and once in writing that I have framed) that I’m slim. I disagree, but that’s because I was a tall skinny girl until I stopped independently walking! And took up eating bad things like biscuits and chocolate.

I have very short hair. Mostly because it’s mental thick curly hair that grows so fast I daren’t have even a sniff of Biotin. So I get it chopped off quite often, and what is chopped off is way too grey. But you can’t tell so much when it’s attached to my head. It was very long until the grey started taking over and I couldn’t be bothered to have it coloured.

I sort of wear glasses. Only I don’t wear them most of the time, it’s easier to read without them. And they slide down ones beak.

I have no tattoos.

My real passion in life is food, I don’t just mean eating, cooking is what gets me excited. Luckily I have been very successful in teaching my husband to do quite a lot. And I still write recipes and sulk if I’m told someone else is better than me.

I have no children. A very small share in a rather beautiful girl who is my husband’s step-daughter who is 30 and very clever. And I have a cat. Who is fat and getting old. He is currently bullied mercilessly by nesting blackbirds.

So that’s me.



I’d tell you all about myself but the Moderators would get upset.

I have never tried to tattoo a duck.

People have compared me with Hattie Jacques or Dawn French, I think it’s because they have no imagination!

Aw Reddivine, sorry about your partner needing dialysis. I imagine most things in your lives need military planning! Smiley lady x

Ah Sue. Sure we’d all be slim if it wasn’t for the blasted biscuits and chocolate! Why are they full of calories? Furthermore, why are salads and fruit and vegetables so lacking in them? Why oh why do all "bad " things taste so lovely?! I should add, I don’t wear glasses but do have a hearing aid device. Hereditary deafness took over on one side in my 20s. I now wear a BAHA. A bone anchored hearing aid. Worth googling if you’re interested. My hair is cut regularly by a lovely vivacious young lady who comes to the house. I’ve issued strict instructions to anyone who’ll listen, that my hair must be as good at my exit from this world, as it always was. There’ll be continued haunting if not!

(Big sigh) Those mods are no fun, are they…? I’ve never tattooed a duck either. I imagine pouring orange sauce over one is easier.

Both brilliantly funny ladies! I’ve never been compared to anyone. Now I’m wondering why not?!

That’ll be because you’re unique.

Do you mind!! Some of us get a bit upset at the thought of orange sauce!


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No pics of me… none that I like, anyway! But I’m a short-arse (five feet two and a half, never forget the half), a bit more tubby than I should be according to the BMI (but who can’t say that? I put it down to my penchant for sweet things), brown hair halfway down my back, usually in a ponytail for convenience, brown eyes, glasses (easier to cope with than contact lenses, which I’ve had before but proved to be a PITA when it came to getting eyestrain on the computer - and I make my living sitting at a computer!), just one tattoo on the top of my left arm, a sun design with a snake curled up on itself in the middle. (Sun = life, hope, energy, snake = wisdom, knowledge). Usually seen in jeans and a t-shirt… I don’t do skirts or dresses much. I did find a strange photo in a book which looked exactly like me… it was a book about serial killers and the photo was of one of his victims!

That last comment is scary.


Hmm. Now that has been said of me in the past. wink

This is something of a challenge.

Basically I’m a daughter, wife,carer, mother, Grandma, Great Grandma, sister, sister in law,auntie, great auntie, God-daughter, neighbour and friend.

Fractorious. There aren’t many pics of me around. I’m not at all comfortable in front of the lens. I squirm and look akward. I’ve never done a Selfie in my life and it fascinates me to watch those who do! Such pouting and preening!

Keep safe!!!

Grandma, now I’m quite dizzy working on that revelation and trying to work out my own categories!