best bits

Hello everyone.

Well what a beautiful sunny day! hope everyone can share in it…as Tina said, free vit D. Yaaayyy! I have hung the washing out!

So this is a good feeling following a difficult week for me. I found myself saying to my carer, I want to get on a different bus. Im fed up of this route now`.

I could see it worried her and so to clarify i added that I didnt mean i wanted out altogether…no, just a change of scenery.

Looking forward to May and our Blackpool jolly.

Just been reading a Slimming World maggie and there is a good article on Ways to talk to ourselves. It set me thinking and so I thought I`d share it with you, my friends here.

We all have differet probems to cope with, whilst living with an uninvited gatecarasher and this can turn to despising/disliking/being too critical about ourselves and not seeing good bits…which there still are, even though we may overlook and forget them at times, when struggling to cope with everyday life.

So, let me ask you to think about your body`s best bits. Why not make a list, short or long, about these parts?

I`ll kick off with my list.

my hair…I love having it cut and coloured, short and sassy in bright red with black flashes!

my nails…when they are in their best condition and growing well, I like to apply champagne coloured nail varnish…they look classy

my wrists…they are slender and look lovley with a pretty bracelet on

Go on now…your turn…I look forward to reading about your best bits! Keep it clean!

luv Pollyxx

Hi Poll

Took me a while to think of anything!! Joking aside a lot of people say I have lovely eyes, just a shame they are covered by my glasses lol

Like you, I like having me hair cut and done, but I dont have it coloured, perhaps thats an idea…

I like your analysis about changing buses, same route does get boring, I would like to take one to the seaside, it would be lovely today with this beautiful weather.

Hope you and your family are doing ok.

Pam x

Like it Poll. I will join you on that different bus!! My best bits… My teeth…I spent a lot of money recently having them straightened. Being slim and not worrying what I eat!! My wrists too as I love wearing bracelets!! Enjoy the sunshine Linda x

My sis has just rung me from Blackpool. She is on holiday, but is in bed with painful legs and back.

A few years ago, she had spinal fusion for damaged bones, then earlier this year, she fell and broke her ankle. She says she has walked too much and feels bad. Now she says it is time to re-think her mobiity. She hired a scooter, but still feels to bad to go out. Bummer, eh!


come on kids…I wanna hear about your best bits.or are you all out sunning yourselves?


hiya pol

my smile…which i practise daily even tho initially i dont feel like it!

the other physical stuff really doesnt matter to me nowadays! let me explain! i was a daily wearer of light makeup-always eyes and lippy but now its kinda hard with use of one eye! so i had to rethink my priorities and a squirt of perfume is what makes me happy now and it avoids my frustration of not getting ‘the face’ on.

i have lost 5 stone-have gone from size 22 to 12 but that doesnt make feel better-i was happy at 22! its easier for carers which is brill but i am still me just a different shape-i have never been hung up on physical looks! tho i appreciate its important to feel good. i feel that when i cant preen as i want to then i found another way without finding an excuse to beat my self up.

i also like convo (when given time to make myself understood). i have wide range of experiences-as we all have! psychiatric nursing for 10 years, bringing 4 children into this world, racing a v8 mini, flying a small plane, doing unique (some would describe as crazy!) things likestanding in cow sh*t in bare feet, entering a professional photo comp when i only knew how to switch the camera on (i came 2nd!), popping across to ireland for lunch… i guess i am (used to be) impulsive but i have made the most of it whilst being here-thats true! and without getting morbid-if i dont see tomorrow i can safely say i have lived.

great post pol-we shopuld be concentrating of the good stuff, its there, just sometimes we havre to remind ourselves…

ellie x

Hi all Great post poll I didn’t picture u with that colour of hair lol. Well my hair was always my best feature. Doing highland dancing and competing at a high level I looked ‘scottish’ had dark auburn or tition hair according to the hairdresser they thought my hair was dyed but had brown, some blonde highlights all natural. So foreign photographers thought it was great. Got interviewed for Spanish tv and they asked if the could film me competing. No problem at all until the last dance when I was so busy thinking about my first date (my soon to be ex husband) i did half of one step then half of another. So had no option but tobow and come off. The judge just looked at me like if lost the plot lol. My eyes which Apparantly does more talking than my mouth I can say one thing but they say something different. Has got me in trouble before

I didn’t mean to post my post anon oops bloomin iPhones

How was standing in cows sh*t Ellie

My best bits 2 beautiful daughters 1 stunning wife Motorbike Other than that I’m just a grumpy old bugger Gray x

That’s lovely gray I’m sure your not all the time X

My son and daughter are my greatest achievement. Just at the moment I don’t feel like I can be all they need x

hi em

thanks to ms i couldnt feel it! but it stank! i nearly drowned in the stuff-saved by my dad who was nearby. i had it coming out of every orifice i have! choosing to stand in it may sound silly but it reminds of how lucky i was to see age 9!

ellie x

Hi Poll Lovely day today! Best bits…tricky but here goes! My eyes - dark brown good lashes My hair - also dark brown and shiny, only a few stands of grey My decolletage (think that’s the name) looks good with v-necks and necklaces. Husband says skin as it’s smooth and bum - plenty to grab hold of…! Have heard 2 different names for the negative voice this week. One was a chihuahua (yappy and difficult to ignore) - apologies to those who love one. The other was a pernicious parrot which I thought a good analogy! Try not to listen to them… Good weather definitely helps my mood and helps the voices fade. Take care. Ann xx

I messed about in garden, fixed garden hose tap from leaking. I also put some new bulbs in planted some new trailers and my fox came for a visit and fed her then tried to play ball with her. Then hand fed the Squirrels then the fox sees them so I’m stopping the fox from chasing off the squirrels

I love sun and summer and luckily don’t suffer during the day with heat, it’s them nasty hot nights and hard to sleep that

get me.

Gobs are you secretly dr Doolittle lol x

Gobs? I hope that’s a freudian slip lol

I did not record today but this video of Miss Fox was couple of weeks ago

Mr Squirrel I named him Monty

I have had a couple of chilled out days, not worrying just enjoying doing a lot of nothing. My bests bits are probably my face, I love my cheeky smile and laughing with friends. I also love my glasses, just got new pairs not good for bank balance lol. This time went for 2 pairs. My usual rimless, that are all singing and dancing with the additions. These do make live easier, you can bend them in all directions, thought a must with recent falls. Then I ordered a second pair that are completely different but if I fancy a change, they look good. I always feel my glasses are an important part of me. Can’t stand makeup etc it just is so not me, my glasses are like my makeup. This is a great positive post. Thanks Poll for starting it Barney

Apologies hobs. Quite by accident let me assure you. I just wrote that and I’m sure it’s from a line in the lion kingdom. My iphone is a bit unruly. Nothing likeS it owner haha.

Ha ha