What would you change.......

MS aside, which bit of yourself would you change & why!

Remember this is a NON-MS related post & is just for a giggle.

In my case the list would be endless…you can struggle & choose just one


Be the right weight for my height!

I reckon my height is ok but the weight is wrong!


My bank balance!:smiley:

my family who although i love them they aren’t well trained!

(husband is chief culprit so i suppose the boys should have had a better role model.)

Ditto with both of you there, the only problem would be my height, i’m already 5’11"…what do I do now…

I would have naturally curly hair. I have recently started having perms, which are OK except my hair is too curly straight after the perm and too straight a few months later. And everyone else who has one is something like 30 years older than me so my hairdresser thinks I’m weird.

Alright H,good to see you out+about. I’d change nowt,the carcass of years gone by was more than adequate, so “why fix summat dat ain’t broke”


Wb xx

My baggy eyelids, can’t stand them!!

I’d be more promiscuous - I feel like I’ve missed out on loads of fun in my youth and now I’m too old to be bothered!!

Tracey x

My tummy. After 3 c sections it is a horrible mess with an overhanging apron. Everything else I am happy with…especially my curves. If only I had the money to sort that, I would be happy :))

My feet as I can’t reach them anymore to cut my toenails!!! Janet x

My metabolism…I love food, particularly bad food, it would great to eat anything and everything without worrying about weight gain! My hubby is 6’5" and can eat anything he likes and he’s still a beanpole. Unfair!

Nothing, but that’s probably because I am a bloke and even keep the same username.

But Stevie boy, there are loads of things that you could change…she says as she scamper’s for the hills…xxx

Oh I am biting my tongue…

Alright H, seeing as how it’s your Birfday, come up with an improvement and put it to the vote,

S xx

I would love to be musically gifted and to be able to play the piano and Chopin for example.I am so envious of people who are musically gifted.

i am with brenda love to play the piano

I’ve become accustomed to being vertically challenged but I really would like a longer dragon’s tail …to clip you aroud the…I mean, reach all the way to Scotlandshire :smiley: xx

Well at least you can fly up under your own steam so to speak…would Huw be able to hang on though

As if you would want to clip me round the … with your tail, you Welsh Dragon’s are feisty creature’s…