What have I gone and done......

Oh my life…hubby took me to the hairdressers and in a fit of MS piqué, I told him to cut it all off. So he did. Not without question, it has to be said. I had really thick, glossy, long hair. And now it’s all gone. I am sick of the heat from uhthoffs, sick of my hair being soaked through with sweat, sick of not having the energy to dry my own hair coz there was so much of it, sick, sick, sick In fact I’m just sick of this whole bloomin MS malarkey. Totally and utterly fed up and now, stupidly, when I look in the mirror, I’m not even recognisable. Aaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh. Rant over. Sorry.

((Hugs)) think of it another way, it’s a new you! You know what they say, the difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut? A fortnight! Lol. Seriously though, I’m sure it looks lovely, I always hate my hair just after having it done and regret everything! After a week I’ve forgotten all about it and thinking about my next do. Take care x

Wow. I had waist length hair years ago and went into a hairdressers with it tied back and said and said ‘cut it all off’ the first girl couldn’t but the other hairdresser said ‘I’ll do it’ and just cut the whole ponytail off!! Ended up very short. People screamed everytime they saw me for the first time but soon got used to it. I got used to it too. So much quicker to wash and dry, brush. Didn’t have to tie it back to sleep (danger of partner rolling onto my hair and trapping me!!

I’m sure you’ll get used to it and realise how much easier it is to look after. Mine is shoulder length now but thinking of getting it shorter as can’t hold a hairdrier for very long.

I’m sure you look great!!

Jen xx

Once you get used to it you’ll love it.

Easy to wash (couple of mins in shower) & MUCH cooler… I bet it looks great!

The new you!

Pat x

Hi Mrs H, I’m sure you will love it once you get used to it especially in the hot weather (hopefully) coming up. I spend most of the time with mine tied back because it gets on my nerves, but I’m not quite brave enough like you to have it chopped. Anne x.

Thank you both…Jen, apart from the fit of bluesiness, it was exactly that…I can’t dry it anymore because I don’t have the strength in my hand or arm. And fed up of the heat and sweat on my neck. Xx

hi, i wish i had your nerve, i’ve had mine long for most of my adult life, unfortunately, last year i needed a brain op so i’ve got 2 short bits, one at the back and one on top. menopause has slowed down my hair growth enormously so it’s going to take forever to grow out and STILL i haven’t the nerve to cut it… so well done you, bet you look great too!

take care, chin up,

wendy x

I don’t know about the brave…I just had an epic, his say fit directed at MS this morning and acted very rashly !!


bet its brill!

my hair was down to my butt-raised £500 for mss when i got mine shaved off. now my friend keeps at no.3 for me-no hasslse.


My husband shaved off his moustache and my daughter who was then 3 yrs old sceamed the house down everytime she saw him. Anytime he spoke to her he had to put his hand in front of his mouth till it grew back to prevent earache. Um, paperbag? large wig that you take off at night? I love this story of yours and especially relate to the ‘sick of the whole bloomin’ MS malarky’ and I have shortish hair! If you are selling badges for that malarky club, I’d buy one

Ha, yes, it’s my unofficial term for my fedupness …MS malarkey sums it up nicely methinks. Xx

I think it was brave Catherine but it will make your life much easier - I’m all for that. You’ll soon be glad you did it! Teresa xx

Hi H,did you bother to get sponsorship,and have you kept the cut-offedness to sell at the Wig makers? Sounds like it might have been ready for shearing so BRAVO. Anyway it’s all that Boudica’s fault; she started it

S xx

Hi wobly I didn’t coz it was very much hissy fit, spur of the moment…but it’s so thick that there was piles of it…it took just over an hour to do and my boydresser said that the amount of hair should have come off three people. I always have to book a double appointment !!

H,you’re going to hit me for this but could the weight of hair blah blah been involed with your balance dizziness probs?

S xx

S, you’re right on the first count !! Xx

Ooh, Pat, that would be a bridge too far…and I’d give you terrible nightmares. I dare not inflict this kind of horror on my worst enemy!! Xx

H,just hand the evidence over.This could be the longest lasting post ever.I know what you girls are like

S xx

Oh dear. What does Mr H say? I hope you have managed to mollify him. A x

No, it might give me reassurance that my own hair is not so bad… sorry, couldn’t resist! Ha ha, cheers !! The cut is good…he’s been my boydresser for years and he’s fab…I just look so different !! I was nearly tempted but can’t figure out how to do it !! Xx