Washed my hair - but only just!

My hair is really thick and I have an INCREDIBLY itchy scalp…I put hair washing off for as long as I can because it is SUCH a blooming mission! By the time I emerged from the shower this morning - couldn’t see the hand in front of my face for steam - I’m thinking maybe I might see if the local hairdressers might be a better option just for a wash and blow dry.On the plus side though, I can tick off one achievement for the day so far!

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Huzzah for the achievement. Well done. I too have very thick hair. I dealt with the problem by having it cut very very short. So washing the barnet isn’t such a trial.

I had a shower this morning too. It only took me 3 hours from getting out of bed to be showered, hair washed, dressed and ready for breakfast! So not too bad.


Hi Sssue - yes I keep thinking it probably would make sense to get rid of some of this hair but I think I would probably regret it - mad though it sounds my hair is my difficult to control when it is short - when I do go to the hairdressers I emerge with sleek locks that I just don’t recognise when I do it myself I end up with a frizz ball that needs endless amounts of serum etc lol!! Probably not worth it but I think it’s a part of the old me that I am clinging on to…

I first cut mine off when I began to see a lot of grey. Didn’t want to look like a witch. Can’t think why now!

Then regrew it again, cut it off again, (and again - my hairdresser always says ‘are you sure?’ As he wields the scissors!’)

Now I suspect that’s it, just very, very short. So short it has no choice but to sit still and behave!

Until next time I just think, to hell with it and grow it again! Somehow it is always just a bit more ‘me’, so I can totally see why you want to keep some of the old you. (My hair grows so fast it’s always a question of ‘shall I leave it, or cut it again’.)

Meanwhile, I live in a house where the only clumps of hair come from the cat, rather than me. I’m sure the drains are happier now they’re not clogged up with masses of human hair!!


Try a neice with waist length hair. The poor plug hole, it’s me that has to sort it.