No 1

I’d like it very short I asked the barber - (my thinking being that if it was short I wouldn’t have to risk going again for a couple of months (covid))

Number 1 - I was asked - so I said yes ( no idea what a Number 1 was!) After the first sweep of the clippers I realised that I was going to get more than I bargained for - too late to do anything about it - 30 seconds later I was as bald as the proverbial coot.

I know other important?? things are happening but I thought I’d share this - hey ho!

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Oops Crakowian

My husband had hair like Roger Daltrey then shaved it all off whilst we were baby sitting my nephew.

3 year old screamed when he saw it.

Bet you screamed too?

On the plus side you won’t need a trim for a while.

C x

Crack, oh dear. It will grow. You did make me smile. Thankyou. Anne

Hubbys usual, never have to pay anyone, got his own clippers! He actually grew it once for charity, looked like Krusty the clown! then he shaved it off…for charity! lol

Hahaha. But sure as eggs is eggs, it will grow back.

Merry Christmas


Ooops, so it is your fault that the temperature is about to plummet!

I am sure it will grow back rapidly


Hope you got a nice woolly hat for Christmas!! :slight_smile:

You need a cosy hat or stay home! Tis the season…

Talking about hats, I am never without my beanie hat, indoors, outdoors and even in bed.

My hair looks a right mess! I’ll have to have a number one!

I’m told I look 20 years younger - I don’t believe it!

as for it growing back - I’m not so sure - coming up to a fortnight since the scalping and little sign of re-growth.

OH cuts his own hair with clippers set to no1 every four weeks, we’ve saved a lot of money over the 14 years or so and he looks much younger than his 58 years as nobody can see any grey hair it blends into his very dark brown. It’s very low maintenance washes and dries in seconds and saves a fortune in shampoo.

everyone’s hair grows 1/4 inch per month so by next Christmas you should have enough hair for some styling, in the meantime woolly hats or beanies might be in order

I’ve recently had a front tooth removed and you must feel like I do every time I look into a mirror I keep forgetting it’s gone but at least your missing crown will grow back!

Thank you for this. It made me laugh out loud!
This is exactly the sort of thing I would do if I went to a barbers / hair dressers. I avoid them but then end up cutting my hair really badly!!