sorry Boudica

Well I dunno what Boudica would say if she saw the result of stripping the red colour from my hair!

I`ve coloured it red for 30 years+ and as the grey became more obvious during lockdown, I decided to go au naturel.

So I`ve just been through a 2 hour ordeal, which can best be described as water torture.

I had first had to wash my hair and dry it…over the sink and got water straight down me nightie…then carer Best Bev mixed the ingredients and rubbed it on the ends and then all over…sat there for 40 mins…with my head wrapped in a bin liner and towel and put hair dryer on it for 10 minutes…these were the distructions…

then back in the shower…rinse it off…towel dry and then add finishing cream, comb through for 2 minutes…then leave for 10 minutes…then final rinse.

I had to lie down half way through. Honestly it was sooooo knackering!

At last I could get dried and dressed.


light and dark greys with a chuffing brassy blonde fringe! Do I like it? Hell no! Would I do it again? Hell no!

I`ll just let it grow out now and at each 6 week trim it should be gone by 2022!

Brassy Boudsxx

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Poll you should have left well alone…but I guess you know that now. Lock down did it for me, no more colouring for me, just a cut and blow and actually I don’t mind my own colour, dark with grey going through.

Jean x

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Hi Jean, Im glad I did it..I was fed up of red anyway. Itll be reit…worse things appen at sea!


so that made me LOL, you’ve posted anon and signed off with bouds.

that colour stri[pper is evil.

got it done and then went pink!

never learn.

red is the hardest colour to get rid of.

we live and learn!

finally got round to going to the hairdresser - young lady there having her hair coloured - hair pasted with some gunge and wrapped in foil. This process was going to take three !! hours minimum -

paid a tenner for my 5 minute short back and sides job - just wondered how much the hair colouring job was going to cost?

Probably around £60 ish. We ladies suffer for our vanity!

Jeean…dunno how that occurred!