Hurrah! Feel human again and not like a tumble weed bush!

The haircut was successful and now… my next decision…decided to let the grey mingle through the red!


Bounds, Good for you. Glad you feel better after the hair cut. Really lifts your spirits doesnt it? Go girl re the grey. I made the same decision a few years ago. I love my grey mingled in with dark brown. I really do. I embrace it. Really pleased for you. Anne. Xx

your namesake Boudicca the celtic warrior would have worn her grey proudly!

anyway she was too busy warding off the enemy, sharpening the blades and getting the chariot through the MOT.

i’d say leave it be.

Hi Poll,

So this time I decided to let the grey come through, can’t think why haven’t done it sooner…family/friends say it really suits me, as does hubby, so no more spending hours in the chair getting it coloured and saving money to, think you’ve made the right choice.

Jean x x

Thanks for your replies. Today says yeh, well let the grey grow!` But Boudica may have used henna