crime scene investigation

my son just did a csi thing on me.

asked me stern questions - why are you wearing those gloves?

can you explain where that rusty red streak has come from?

can you guess?

dyeing my hair! dark red/violet.

i’m sitting here with the laptop wearing my kinky gloves.

5 minutes i can wash it off.

you should have told him ‘you caught me red handed’ or ‘yes, i admit it, i’m your red hot mama!’.

i really want to get the ends of my hair dipped in red (i’m a dirty blonde, don’t laugh). but i lack your verve.

is it therapeutic being a red-head?


oh yes 2blackcats

it is the best therapy ever.

when it is my own colour (honey blonde) i feel like an imposter because that person was different to who i am now.

i’ve only just started to colour it myself.

had a fab hairdresser but it’s got too expensive.

got a young lad who is near the end of his apprenticeship and he’ll come to my house and cut it.

so costs me £20 altogether compared to £70.

get it done!

the worse case scenario is that you won’t like it, so have it put back the way it was.

carole x

Wow carole, dark red/violet Meow!!

Red for danger


my daughter, who’s naturally a blonde has had her hair a deep claret colour for years. i’ve dyed it a lot of times for her, while she had long hair. i nearly gassed myself several times. a few months ago, she cut her hair short and now she can do most of the dye job herself, i just ‘do’ round the nape and up over her ears, boy am i glad to be shot of the 'orrible job . now all i’ve got to worry about is all the little bits of dye here and there, in the bathroom. oh, and scrubbing the back of her neck with face wipes afterwards.

i should go for it…


I asked my husband to cut an inch off my long wavy hair a couple of years ago and he chopped off 4". Never again! He did me a favour though as I don’t want long hair again as it’s too much trouble to wash. x