Dread getting hair washed in salon!!

Fed up with the uncomfortable sinks used in hair salons. I used to love going to the hairdressers, it was a treat for me, some me time and a time I used to look forward to.

Now I dread it, leaning back at an angle which in itself is really uncomfortable and resting the back of my head on the sink. It has become really unpleasant.

What do you do? Do you avoid the salon because of this too? Does anyone else feel the same as me?

Yes, me too. I also hated the shuffle through the salon using my wheeled walker, when I could manage with that. It was like the parting of the red sea as well meaning people would move chairs aside and out of the way. I was so self conscious and embarrassed. I can’t manage that any more now anyway, my mobility has worsened. I have a lovely, fun lady that comes to the house. Colour applied comfortably sitting. I can stand at the kitchen sink and she washes then cuts. She makes us a cuppa while we wait for colour to take. Much better. I never liked the salon outing anyway. I don’t CARE where they are all going on holiday etc!

Hi Carrie74,

Aww, that’s a shame you’re ‘dreading’ going to the Hairdressers now especially when you used to enjoy it. Us females like our little outings to the Hairdressers (when we can get there that is) as it’s always a nice treat and it would be such a shame if you stopped going.

Could you not ask them if they could provide you with some cushions or something to help with the comfort, or maybe adjust the seat or sink for you? Or, maybe failing that you could always try a new Hairdressers, if that’s possible.

Mobile Haidressers are good too (if you can find the right one) I used to have one but I needed to get out more so I found myself a local Hairdressers and I’ve been going there for years now and it’s a lovely place and the staff are so good and friendly too.

I hope you can get something sorted out.

Twinkle Toes x

hiya i have a hair appt later. i can get into the shop on my chair. i cant put head back so i was hair in shower earlier and will get it cut later. i always thought it was better to get dirty hair cut-apparently not! i am wanting a slight change but i havent got the strength to hold straightners. i have got mini ones and hope to attempt the fringe later after cut! ellie

i have a lovely young man who works in a salon but is happy to come to my house to cut my hair.

i colour my hair myself.

had streaks put in at a salon a few weeks ago and now i use a wash out colour, electric blue!!

maybe lewis could have done my streaks, i’ll ask next time he comes to cut it.

I’ve never been a fan of hairdressers. That was the reason all the times that I just avoided them and let my hair just go wild (it grows super fast, is madly curly and then hair everywhere drive Mr Sssue mad). My current hairdresser has cut all my hair off 3 times now, and each time has said ‘are you sure?’ It is quite nice hair but short is easier. Now I just get it cut dry and get in the shower when I get home. Partly because of the sink thing in the hairdressers, but partly because it now gets so much cut off theres hair everywhere.

So it’s a case of keep the hairdressers visits short (along with the hair).


Hi Ellie,

I had my hair appointment on Tuesday and I asked for it be cut slightly shorter with the weather changing. I manage to sit in the chair there as they’re quite comfy, although they have to cover the arms of the chairs up for me as they’re made of Chrome and that sets my nerve pain off.

I always have a shower when I get home as the loose hair drives me nuts. I wasn’t aware there was a right or wrong way about whether your hair should be clean or not when having it cut!

I still try to use my hairdryer and straighteners as I don’t want to give them up yet but it’s getting harder to do. I hope you manage to use your straighteners later.

Twinkle Toes x

Same here. It was one of the reasons I decided to finally ditch the dye and go au naturel. A dry-cut at the hairdresser’s keeps it in shape. Much more comfortable and much cheaper too. The condition of my hair is transformed by the kinder treatment, and I actually prefer the colour expertly curated by Mother Nature!


I would have to colour my hair every month if I didn’t want to constantly have greying roots. I am going steadily grey slightly disgracefully (only slightly, I’m not really wild enough to be completely disgraceful!) So I’m pretty much the same, dry cut round the corner, with a nice man who doesn’t feel the need to make idle conversation about holidays. Go home and shower all the bits off me (I don’t know how they end up in my pants, but they do). It’s very cheap and easy.



My wife has rarely been to a salon(maybe once?) since i have been with her, a few of our daughters carers used to be hairdressers in the past and used to stay on and do it for her,doesn’t happen often now!

Since her health problems colouring her hair has become one of those things i do for her, non of you have mentioned your other half’s doing yours, surely i am not the only one!

I can’t imagine my OH colouring my hair!!! The only thing he’s ever suggested is buying some hair clippers and offering to give me a ‘number 2 or 3’ once a month!!

I have yet to take him up on the offer.


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I absolutely refuse to give up my frequent trips to the hairdresser as I am not ready to let the grey grow out and as it grows so quickly, I have to get the roots done every three weeks. I don’t spend much on myself but the hair gets the works.

Mind you, that head back hair washing thing does make me feel rough sometimes but is helped by a soft towel underneath my neck where it touches the sink. I have noticed they will also wash hair leaning forward so that is an option when I get dizzy.

Hope you find s solution.

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20 months in to Project Natural, my hair colour is alarmingly like that of my avatar, but I flatter myself that mine looks a little bit smarter.



None of this head back hair washing for our Queen - she insists on leaning forward. (Can I blame the m.s. for storing such useless information?)

My hairdresser has a kind of a plastic cushion thing which goes on the rim of the basin and makes it more comfortable. If I don’t have it I tend to get dizzy. I suppose it comes from a beauty supplies place.

I was there this afternoon. Rather too hot in there, especially under the lamp for 20 minutes so that the colour ‘takes’. However I was dressed accordingly!

Louise x

I’d suggest a backwash neck cushion to the salon, they are quite inexpensive and it may be good for other clients too! available from the huge online shop with a ‘z’ in its name.


HOME CUTS RECOMMENDED I had the same problem - poor access, and no disabled loo, horrid experience having people stare at you too. So I have a super hairdresser who worked at Toni & Guy come to my home - only costs £25 - I used to pay £60 in the salon! Many women who are hairdressers with young children like to work from home or do a home cuts service in their local area. My hairdresser covers a 5 mile radius. I pre-wet my hair - or she uses a water spray to dampen my hair. I have a mirror in my kitchen where I have my hair cut while I am in my powerchair. No fuss. No hassle. Recommended. Fay

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Wow amazing stories everyone and comforting to Learn that it’s not just me! It really saddens me that this lovely Experience can not be enjoyed by everyone! With that I am determined to come up with a solution. For my mum who suffers with mobility due to her MS and for all of you. I have asked all My friends what they think and the general consensus is that the sinks are uncomfortable. It is now my mission to come up with a solution. Watch this space xx


I don’t understand why there are no salons that allow you to have complete wheelchair access to all areas. Surely there are more than just yourself that found this difficult. I think its a shame you are forced to stay home but glad you found someone lovely to do your hair too.

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Top tips Twinkle Toes, thank you for your response.

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