Hair Styling

I can still manage to wash/dry my hair from the shower, (or even in the kitchen sink if I’m in a hurry!)however I do find it a bit of a struggle to blowdry it. And that’s with a small, lighter weight travel dryer! Sometimes I just let it dry naturally. I’m lucky, my hair is very well behaved. It’s not quite shoulder lenght but long enough to need styling/shaping for anything more than shopping!

My neighbour is a retired hairdresser and still has the proper sink in her spare room. I motor down our lane (rural) in my chair and manage to shuffle in. I can just about manage it all. If/when the day comes that I can’t get to her, and she comes to my house…I wonder how all you ladies manage?

Same problem here, I went to Boots last year and tried out the ones that are on display. I could not pick up and hold any of the traditional hair dryers and the only one I could manage (also had a go at the hairdressers once), was a long easy to hold blow brush.

The one I chose is by a well-known brand (can let you know privately if we are not supposed to put names of companies on here). It is easy for me to hold because it is not heavy, it is quite substantial to hold in my hand as I can wrap all fingers around it and I just pull it through my hair as the end brush pulls and dries the hair. On bad days, I lean forward if I can’t lift my arms up and just pull the brush through from back to front. It doesn’t burn my hair and shapes the ends. It is a marvellous thing. My hairdresser who I have been going to twice a year only for 20 years, told me to go up to Freeport to buy a hair oil that he sells to customers for quite a lot of money and buy it up there for 4 pound, which I did. I run this on the ends of my hair before pulling the blow brush through. I might all be falling apart at the seams but my hair looks nice!

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i also use a blow brush.

i’ve always been useless at blow drying and used straighteners to style my hair.

now though, with my ms hands, i burn my scalp!

so i’ve had it cut short and spikey and go for a deliberately dishevelled look.

with my ultra-violet hair dye and wobbly walk i’m quite a sight to behold.

c x


I tend to just comb some styling product through, comb it into shape and leave it undisturbed to dry naturally. Kinder to the hair, too!


Thanks Hebeyellow. That sounds interesting. Please do pm me with the details. :slight_smile:

This all sounds good. How about colouring? How do you manage that? She puts it on and we have a coffee while it takes. Then she washes it off with the hand held shower hose, while I sit with my head back in the special sink. If I end up having to have it done in my house, I can’t think how it can be done. Only walk in wetroom cubicle. Jugs of water over kitchen sink to rinse colour off I suppose?

Sorry Poppy I took seven inches off mine and have a LOB now (long bob)

I love it, dries and straightens so quick because my arms got just too tired and painful!

Be careful with your colour it will dye everywhere! so no porcelain sinks !

If you have a wet room maybe wear a swim costume and buckets of water over your head??


I’ve got about 2 inches of hair nowadays (and it needs a cut). No blow drying needed. And I decided to go (dis)gracefully grey as otherwise I’d have to have it coloured every month when it grows. Mind you, I have hair that grows like weeds, fast as anything and super thick. I don’t dare take Biotin, it would add to the problem of hair and nails growing so fast and hair being too thick. When my hair grows, it just sticks out sideways, then eventually drops down with weight. I’ve gone from long thick curly hair to supershort 3 times with the same hairdresser now. He always hold the scissors, says ‘are you sure?’ Then cuts it all off.


I keep my hair short…always have as it is kinky and wayward!

My carer colours it for me (red and black) and I go to a hairdressers for a dry cut every 6 weeks. I was never good at styling it, so stick some matte bedhead fudge through it when going out.

I`m lucky as Ive had many bouts of alopecia and it has always grown back.

I refuse to allow grey to dominate…it`s a chuffin farce colouring it, but necessery…for me anyway!


Cheers Polls. Lovin’ the sound of red and black. :slight_smile:

I might have to resort to Loving Care again and apply it myself. Then get in the shower to rinse off after. She can always come and cut it then. Can’t be going grey!

What we do is;

using L`Oreal or Garnier or even the one beginning with an F…bold colours!

we put the full head of red on…wash it out under the shower after 30 mins…my legs and feet get pins and needles during the wait…looks like a scene from Psycho!

then the next day, we put slithers of back through the red…30 mins wait…wash off in shower…

then get it cut…


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Hehe, love it Polls. That’s what I think I’ll be doing next time.

Cheers me dears! x


how topical!

my hair has always been an issue-cant hold dryer and even struggle with a brush so always been very short and just left to dry. thats easy but i look so much like my brother!

so on wed i had a perm for the first time in 25+ years! gosh how times have changed! very subtle smell-i guess thats something to do with h/s rules. i plan to wash it for first time tomorrow and leave to dry naturally.

my hair has been blue purple red but now black with natural grey highlights! i rather like it!

great question!

ellie x

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I had long, wavy hair until around 35 years ago. Wore it short when I met Mr Poppy. He really liked it short and it became the norm to have it cropped for years. Grew it a bit these last ten years to a (dated) Farah Fawcett voluminous flick back. I’ve loved it but now, a few people have been broadly hinting that it’s dated and even unflattering, so I’ve just blowdried it under, rather than back.

Hmmm. Really not sure about it. :-/

Sudden idea Poppy.

Go and try on some wigs? Is that possible?

See what you think about various styles that require a bit less maintenance?

Or have I gone completely bananas?

Sue x

Mmm, I get the idea Sue, but not really an option in my rural area. Plus I don’t think I could be assed to get himself to drive me somewhere and hang about while I play. Maybe I need a new pair of eyes. No not for me! A new hair stylist. Someone who will see me for the first time and want to do something.


Same problem. Difficulty holding hairdrier and brush, too heavy, can’t grip, no hand or arm strength. Bought a light travel drier and had my hair cut very short -pixie style. Easy.

Good luck.


Ooh. Aren’t there some websites where you can use a photo of yourself and virtually try on different hair? If not, there should be.

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I have my hair short. I go to my hairdresser’s house every 4 weeks to have it coloured orange. I know, it’s a bit wild, but I love it. Me and my hairdresser were in fits of laughter cos the company who the dye we use are called manic panic and i have bipolar, we thought this was sooooo funny.

Anyways, cos i keep it short, the only styling needed as a quick blow dry and some volumising powder. I can just about manage to hold the hairdryer for the 5 minutes it takes to blow dry it. I would like it longer, but wouldn’t be able to dry it. Also, i hate the feel of hair on the back of my neck. Hope this helps, love Bex xxx

Oh guys, now stop it! You’re all being very helpful and lovely but I’m even thinking of cropping it again now!! Thing is, I’m a “young looking” 57 year old (so I’m told) and always felt the short hair made me look older and “severe”.