Looking for suggestions re hair styling!

Have a new hairdresser who suggested letting my hair grow cos it's so fine. My hair is still short & I'm growing out that funny style where it's short on one side & longer on the other.

Left arm was weak & is now weaker; starting to notice MS affects creeping into my right arm so causing probs when I blow dry my hair. Basically I have trouble holding the dryer & trying to use a brush to style it. Hair looks a mess unless I blow dry!

Any suggestions?!

My hair is very fine and looks rubbish if I don’t blow dry.

I am finding it increasingly difficult to use the dryer so I’ve opted for short and spiky. I’ve found that if I use products on my damp hair and shape it spiky it will dry with some body (not flat to my head) When I get up I just use some gel or similar to give it a bit of umph.

Also if I can use the dryer it's lots easier because you just muss up with your other hand or don't use the other hand at all

I can’t grow my hair  it just hangs in rats tails.



If you're having problems styling it, perhaps ask  your hairdresser for suggestions of a style that doesn't need so much looking after?  Can't help otherwise, my hair has always been thick and is currently in a kind of pixie crop after being shaved off in October (for charity, not just a whim!) - I find the very short hair really easy to look after, I don't even need to comb it yet, and only blow-dry it cos it's still wet after being rubbed with the towel.

Hope you find a workable solution,

Luisa x

Not sure if this is any good, but I was having serious problems holding up my hairdryer last summer so bought a Babyliss Eco hairdryer instead - it is really light and surprisingly powerful despite its size - works a treat for me, but you do still need to use both arms.


I'm pretty sure you can buy things that are sort of hairdryers with brushes attached to the end. Haven't a clue what they are called though! Or wet to dry hairstraighteners?


Or how about lots of layers / a style that you can leave to dry naturally? There has to be something that would work?


Good luck!

Karen x




Not that it means a lot nowadays but I used to work at Robert Fielding of Regent Street 45 years ago.


Sorry totally disagree; you must keep your hair shortish.  Don’t know shape of your face etc but perhaps a curly; bouncy permanent wave or Demi-wave to give it some body and then just finger dry; it’s all in the cut.



l was - and l suppose still am - a hairdresser. And l agree with your hairdresser - very fine hair can look so much nicer if you grow the layers out and wear it in a neat bob. The top could have a few layers in it to give a bit of height. But a nice shiny bob that swings and moves can be the best way to wear your fine hair.  lt took me years to persuade my dear friend to have her hair in a bob. She always had it layered - and then would perm it. Now she has a glossy moving bob - and for the first time in the 30 yrs that l have known her -  her hair looks so healthy - and her natural colour shines through.

When she meets anyone ,who hasn't seen her for a while , they are all complimentary. She has a little bit of a fringe - and l shape it a bit around her face- the top is slightly layered. She finds it so easy to manage - a bit of plumping moose - after shampooing - and she justs pushes it into shape and lets it dry naturally. --- And her very critical son - says his mum looks the best he has ever seen her.

l wish l could wear my hair in a bob - but its so thick and curly - l did try - but as soon as it got damp from the atmosphere l was left looking like Harpo Marx!!!



I suggest that you DONT do what I did!!! (Or maybe by the end of this post you will?!!!)

Got out the clippers-handed it to my open mouthed friend of 35 years and said-on you go-off with that mop!!!

We  (she!) started off at no.8 then 7 then 6 then stopped there!

It falls out in clumps. I cant raise both my hands above neck level to style it-I can however rub it with the towel and manage with one hand to put some gel in it.

Result? Sinead O'Connor look!

However,this is a bit drastic-I am aware of this. But how can I preach to my kids that whats inside is more important than how you look and then worry re how I look?! I also read of someone whos friend had cancer treatment-so they both had bald heads-thats what I call real friendship.

I appreciate that how one looks is important to self esteem. But when the practicalities of looking the way you are used to becomes impossible then what an opportunity to find a new look! So the fact that I can manage my own hair this way is a boost to self esteem anyway.

Theres no right and wrong answer to your question-but I trust that you will find the perfect solution for you! (your hair and your self esteem!)

Take care, Ellie x


Thanks for all your comments! I did wonder after I posted that you might think I was incredibly vain but it seems not!

I should have said that the new hairdresser suggested about bob length but with layers. Right now my hair is at that inbetween stage so unless I blow dry it straight, it looks like a hay stack then just hangs from my head! Liked the idea about the attachment to the hairdryer; George, I've been down the road of many hairstyles, including perms! Think my face shape isn't right for the curls but thank you for taking the time the advise! Ellie, my old hairdresser would have laughed - she and I used to laugh because I used to grow my hair then cut it all off! I used to joke one day I'd tell her to shave the lot off!

Hi, i have had your same problem for ages! Now got a graduated (at the back) bob, which means I can dry the sides ok by myself but the back which I can’t manage on my own (due to lack of feeling in my hands and total lack of strength in my arms) just seems to look good on its own!

I tried one of those driers with attachments on the end but only seemed to burn my ears lol! Now I am back to using a seperate brush and use the drier on its own as it is quite small and lighter thn my other one.

If only I could afford to go the hairdressers twice a week for a wash and blowdry! Now that would solve a problem!!

Hope you get sorted soon.
Lilbill x

i was advised by my hairdresser that my fine hair would be better managed short. so i went from a bob that was big maintenance to short and easy kept. i do have curl in  hair so on bad days i just wash and leave to dry itself.fine hair i think just hangs there in abob.