How to do a child's hairstyle with hands that don't work

I am a mum of three, with two young girls who ask me to do their hair in the mornings. My problem is that with MS my right side has muscle weakness and I struggle with having the dexterity to do it. I don’t think it helps that we are rushing and stressing makes my stiffness and weakness worse.

Is anybody else having this problem? How do you deal with this?

Answers would be gratefully received.


Not a mum, but always had lots of hair. :wink:

How young is “young”? Are they old enough to start having a go themselves? Could you even encourage this, as something they could be proud of?

Otherwise, how complicated do their styles need to be? Are slides, bands and bows mandatory (all the other girls have them), or could you just get their hair cut in styles that are flattering if left natural?

If you can’t do it, I see only two choices - they will either have to learn themselves, or adopt styles that aren’t as much faff in the mornings.



I always went next door, because my mother could not then and can not now ‘do’ hair, so Mrs O, who loved doing hair did mine, could be quite painful when she did a bun(for ballet) and stuck hairpins in, there are so many easier things to use now, I would also think Alice bands would be easiest, I say that because I would have had a meltdown if anyone came near mine with scissors, I am going to have a search for something that may help you,although you are probably aware of everything on the market at the moment!

Alison x

I tried to get my husband to put my hair in a ponytail the other day cos my hands were feeling particularly crappy. He was rubbish at it. I do have trouble with my own hair, like Tina, I have lots of it. Plus I have an aversion to hairdressers. The last time I had it cut (about 8 months ago, had about 2 inches cut off) I absolutely hated it. It was even worse than before it was cut. So I’m starting to worry about how to tie my own hair back if my hands get much worse! Think I’ll have to go with my OH to the barbers and get a number 2 buzz cut each month!

I was actually remembering earlier what it was like when I was a little girl, with mental curly hair. If it wasn’t tamed and properly brushed, the other kids used to say I looked like a tramp. I suspect this happened only once but in my memory it was often. But it was the 1970s, before conditioner was invented, never mind all the products I have piled up in my bathroom cabinet for curly frizz prone hair.

I reckon Tinas’ suggestion about them doing their own is a good one, if they’re old enough (or each others?). Or Alison’s about Alice bands, depending on what’s allowed at school. Otherwise, are there any easier ways to fix hair in place? Maybe have a good look round Claire’s Accessories? There might be some scrunchy type things that are easier for weak hands.

Or persuade them that short hair is really cool!!


I have mine pulled back in a pony tail for work and home as the wife doesn’t like it down these days… :frowning: but I’ve had it plaited. You could get them to do each others. Pig tails a reasonably easy to do. Yes, I may have had my hair like that too…but avoided Rimmer’s dress… But chill !!! Hope your hands get ‘better’ soon. I’m finding mine hurt more these days too

Have you tried popbands, they look fairly easy to use for you or your daughters, assuming they have long hair, they don’t break the hair and don’t leave dents or ridges when you take them out.

Alison x

i was trying to remember the name for pop bands but alison has already mentioned them.

if the other girls at school don’t use them maybe your girls could start a trend!

my great niece has some elaborate hairstyles because her mum loves doing them but i always thought it was a good job i never had daughters!

it will do no harm to your girls if they accept that hairstyles aren’t all that important in nthe grand scheme of things.

carole x

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I was thinking of this exact same video! Quick and easy to do, if they’re happy with a simple pony tail… plus they can boast to their friends about how their hair gets done in the morning!

Hi, I have problems with my hands too and I hate hairdressers so my hair is long. Trying to tie it back is a killer as is trying to wash it or brush it. Think I’ll have to bite the bullet and get it cut short :frowning: