Can anyone recommend a really lightweight hairdryer ? I can’t manage with my old one , it’s too heavy for me now :frowning:


I use a travel dryer that I got years ago in a garage petrol station shop. It does the job but as light as it is I still can’t manage to hold it for very long.

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Thank you Poppy

These days I usually wash my hair on an evening let it dry naturally then straighten it the next day. Much easier on my arms and for fatigue.

Jan x

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I have a babyliss travel hairdryer thats light.

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I have a very light John Frieda one, must have bought if to replace a Babyliss, which was reallyy good but Ieventually found too heavy, it is very good probably made by whoever makes ‘own brand’ electricals, bought it in Boots to use up loyalty points after getting double points buying hubby and my specs, so didn’t actually cost me anything! still searching for a hands free option…

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Thank you guys. I’ve just ordered a travel hairdryer. I hope I can manage it ok , my hair goes crazy wild if I don’t brow dry it.

I changed my hair style from a sleek long bob to a messy,choppy style which now means that the only bit I actually have to blow dry/style is my fringe.The rest can either be left to dry naturally or just blasted quickly It has made a massive difference to the amount of effort I need to use.