i lead such an exciting life

Read all about my excitement going to get a haircut


Morning Don.

Only those of us who suffer so will truly understand the very essence of your blog.

I often look longingly at my old barber’s as he has now graduated from the backroom of a women’s hairdressers to the whole shop. I’m sure he or anyone in there would be glad to sort out the rat’s maze but I’m now done at home by my wife with cordless clippers. She’s getting quite good-it’s no longer a straightforward number 2.

As for shopping, I tend to scoot up to town and shout into shops from outside the door. The kindness is wonderful-now that makes it worth hefting my great frame onto the scooter and going out. (Not every day though!)

Best wishes, Steve.


Oh Don what a palaver for a haircut!!! But at least you got it cut!

Steve I sometimes do the shouting into the shop from my scooter… you’re right… people are very kind.

I haven’t been out on my scooter since beginning of November! It’s been either too cold or I haven’t been well enough (although I have been out in a car a few times since then). Am hoping to get out soon but it’s so hard in the cold weather. By the time I’ve put all the layers on I’m too tired to go!!!

Pat xx

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Haven’t had mine cut for over a year now. I keep saying I must get it done, but nothing happens apart from a self applied trim to stop the fringe getting in my eyes.

we did find a good hairdresser who came to the house, but she now doesn’t answer her phone. Any way, Mrs A likes long hair so secretly she doesn’t want me to get it cut. Also when I had cancer I shaved it all off, and when it came back I thought i might grow it long one more time like I had it in the seventies. Looks like i might be doing that now. At least I do have a full head of hair, not bad for 60!

But I must get it cut, because it is STARTING TO REALLY ANNOY ME!

i’ll have to venture into Ruth’s hairdresser in town- easy access from the High Street, unlike the little gents barber I used to go to. Hey- ho!


I also need a hair cut, but like Pat, its so cold, and so I think to myself I’ll do that next week …but next week same thing happens.

We will all soon resemble cave men and women…now where did I put that club!!

Pam x

I have always HATED going to the hairdresser. Ghastly. The styling part is the worst - had my ear almost burned by the hairdryer once, and I’m terrified of straighteners - what if they accidentally trap my ear in there? (No - I don’t have abnormally large ears.) Then the tugging and pulling with those round brushes, getting the “volume” into the hair. And then it’s necessary to find a place to prop my poles after I sit down, somewhere where no one will trip on them and they don’t get tangled in the hairdryer power cable. Thankfully I have long hair and so only go once a year. (Split ends? What split ends?) Pam - going natural with a club as the must-have accessory sounds good to me!!!

Hello Don, i just read your blog what an ordeal! I’ve just had make hair cut and coloured [spent a small fortune] but i have a mobile hair dresser she’s lovely I’m not sure why but since I’ve been in a wheelchair [18 months ago] I try to make more of an effort, I take far more notice of my appearance, before i wasn’t so bothered but now i feel scared that people will think i’m an old lady in a wheelchair. I must be vain! but it takes so much effort and energy to go out doesn’t it?

Oh goodness Don, what a performance…I loathe going to the hairdressers, I’d rather visit the dentist!

I wear my hair long and up so every six months or so I sit in front of the bathroom mirror and hack a little bit off and pop it back up…job done!

Nina x

Thanks folks I keep my hair very short but when I went this time they hardly recognised me because it was so long

I have had my haircut at home in the past but the adventure involved in going out and seeing what goes on in the outside world is worth all the trauma. I managed to get out again yesterday when we headed over to the nature reserve for a coffee only to find the tea hut had decided to have the day off. No Bacon Sarnie for me or Heather

We did have a very nice roll from the deli in Westgate on Sea.