had your hair done sweetie

Do you remember that advert was it Leonard Rossiter? I did have my hair done yesterday

All tidy and ready for an Easter Egg hunt I must look my best, my adoring public expect me to be looking my best

X Don


Had mine cut last week too, Don, but I’ve managed to find a good mobile hairdresser to do it in the comfort of my own home. And by golly, it needed it. I think the last time it was done was in the autumn of 2013! It was about as long as I had it when I was a long-haired student in the 70’s. My last hurrah, it’s never going to be that long again. It was really annoying me.

The reason it went so long was because we couldn’t get hold of the previous lady who used to come to the house, and it took ages to find another one.

My hair has grown back as well as it ever was after it all fell out when I had chemo. Not bad for 60, I say!

I’m getting my roots done next week

Jan x

A year ago I decided to grow my hair and I’ve persisted through all the phases of looking scruffy and now I’m fed up with it and struggling washing and straightening it so I’m thinking of getting it all chopped off tomorrow when I’ve got a hair appointment. My daughter and hairdresser will fall out with me but surely it’ll be easier to control short.

Oh the stress!!! I just keep telling myself it’ll be easier to care for and hope they agree. The joys of having MS.

Take care

Cath x

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Hi Don,

I bet you look great, iv’e just had my highlights done i have a lovely lady who comes to the home i always feel really good after. it funny since iv’e been in a wheelchair i take far more time with my appearance i think iv’e become vain, i just get scared of being thought of as old now im in a wheelchair.

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Lol Leg well done on growing it long, we were looking at photo’s the other day of me with longer hair. My kids only remember me with it short.

Jan mines so short now the grey looks distinguished.

Min my missus has hers short now and no longer clouds it, she has sensitive scalp and edURED years of pain for vanity.

Shelle I always look marvellous in my wheelchair I colour co ordinate … yeah of course I do. After years wearing suits etc I am now a slob.


Well I did it, I had my thick shoulder length hair all chopped off and it’s very short again. I love it!! And everyone says I look younger, even my daughter and hairdresser are happy. I’m a happy bunny! Hopefully I look good enough to keep company with all of you, stylish group that you obviously are.

Cath x

Catch it was because my long hair became so difficult for me to wash and dry, that I had it cut short.

Going from having hair down to my waist to very short was a huge decision, and although quite a shock, is so much easier to do now.

Pam x

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Sorry, should say Cath, not t catch!!! I so dislike predictive text on this tablet.


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You can always tell when I am on the Kindle, I write and publish and when I read back I go OOOPS,


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Yes Don, my kindle is really good at publishing nonsense I never wrote too. If I forget to read my posts back in constantly apologising.

So Pam I understand, makes me smile. My hair is very thick, curly and I have masses of it. I’m naturally ginger which should explain that. Like you I was struggling keeping it clean and tidy so I’m not at all regretting my decision to have it all chopped off. The reactions from everyone has been complimentary (to my face anyway) but whether they like it or not, this is one fatigue induced change I’m happy with.

Cath x

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Morning all,

in theory I too was a natural ginge/auburn, but now I’m old dull it’s just brown or something less interesting. Hair needs cutting because it’s giving me a headache, don’t know how you coped with very long hair out there as just pulls me down. Due for a cut in a week or so, I will surviving. Unlike don, grey hair just dulls my colour and nobody looking distinguished here.

kids gone to play footy, so more muddy clothes when they get back, still they’re better out than in.

AJ x

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Don, I’m going the other way. After years of number 2s (haircut that is) I’m reverting to the long flowing locks. Well it looks more like long frizzy locks, slightly resembling a Bee Gee after he’s caught his finger in an electrical socket. I will be trying a mobile barber as sitting in a barber’s shop waiting has never been a favourite pastime-it was the main motivation for having long hair in the first place. Jo used to do my trimming but our clippers are on the way out so it’s an opportune time to change.

I’ve just sat in the passenger seat for a 280 mile trip now I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. I used to think nothing of the drive and would just pop in the car to my parents for just one night and be back for a lunchtime pint on the Sunday. I will struggle with match of the day.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Steve I can book an appointment and I stay in my wheelchair so no waiting around for me.

Don. Happy Easter everyone.


Hi gang! I’m 62 and have had red hair for years, OK it ain’t natural!

I found a salon I really like and its only a tenner for a good cut and finish.

But with rotten weather and not feeling up to it, the length I now sport is too long and kinky…not rude kinky BTW!

I find I need to colour it more often, as the grey peeps through! But colour it I will! After all Boudicca was a redhead, wasn’t she?

Good to hear all about your hairy stories!