My day in Margate

First day out for a while,

Ten Ships and a haircut, I know how to roll.

Have a good day. XXX Don


Hi Don pleased you managed to get out for a haircut,hope you get that catheter changed too.

cant remember last time i went out ,think it was in the spring, tell a lie went to the dentist in august lol.

J x


Bless you MrsJ

Getting out is something I try and do but it is becoming less and less possible. I love to use my camera but not going out means no opportunities but maybe now I have had the catheter changed I may be able to go out.

XX Don


Hi Don

Glad you got a day out, and managed to get a haircut as well.

Not sure if it works the same for men, but for a woman aa trip to the hairdresser always lifts your spirits, so here’s hoping it does the same for you.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow, hope it all goes well.

Pam x

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Great blog Don! Tweeted it.

Good to see you on here… been missing you.

Hope you get that catheter changed!!!

Pat xx

Hi hoppity, sorry I’m not a blog reader, so I’m sorry if I’ve missed vital information about your whereabouts, but you seem to have been away. Glad your back and enjoying the odd day out. Hope all is well xx

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Hello Don.

Good to hear from you. One of the things I miss about my home town (Wallasey) is the ship watching and wave dodging. Obviously the wave dodging was a part of more reckless and able bodied times. We used to build sand barriers on the beach to hold up the incoming tide. The best bit was when the Isle of Man boat came steaming up the Mersey. We knew that two minutes later we’d be fighting off the wake. Still it would be nice to just sit and watch the boats go by. It could get me out more often.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Hi folks I finally managed to get the catheter done and have had a lazy day, I find it exhausts me it must be the mental exhaustion I don’t do well on the mental front anymore. I have been missing in action from here for a while because I think as well as feeling a little unwell I have been depressed and not wanting company. I hope I am over the worst so you will have to put up with me again. Love you guys XXX



Hello Don,

Its lovely to have you back, i had noticed you hadn’t been on as much and i’d missed you…you always cheer me up and make me laugh, Your blog was really good. I have a hairdresser come to my house she’s called Julie… iv’e only been having her for just over two years, she does my highlights so …I still look beautiful in my wheelchair…Im so vain! lol. Its funny because shes become a really good friend…i love her coming i don’t mind her seeing my house in a state or me crawling on the floor, shes so lovely and last time she even cut up vegetables for me while my colour was taking.

I’m so glad your feeling better Don

Love Michelle and Frazer…We are waving Don…are you waving back?


Hi Don great to see you back

Jan x


Hi Don, pleased you got that catheter changed, i am feeling pretty much like you,i just cant be botherd with anyone or anything,i have a few friends wanting to come and visit me,but i have politely declined there offer, i have tried explaining that i am not up to it,and i arent, i cant even have a telephone conversation without being totally exhausted,but they insist it will do me good,and just cant understand,how much it tires me out.pleased you are getting over the worst of it,its awful it really is, i hate the mental decline more than the physical decline.


J x


Hi J, I so agree about telephone conversations! They completely do me in.

Lucky for me my family now text to see if I’m up to a chat. In fact my sister texted earlier… but today had to text back ‘Not a good day’.

It’s hard to explain to people that when you feel this unwell a phone chat or a visit will not fix it.

Pat xx

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Of course I am. Hello Frazer, Theodog my invisible dog is wagging his tail to say hi to the two of you.

I keep trying to get a photo of Theodog but being invisible he is very difficult to get him to show up

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Hi J hi Pat. I had my catheter change yesterday and am in bed today and been asleep sixteen hours when I was twenty maybe that was something I enjoyed, it’s enforced now and I hate it

Never mind worse things happen at sea so I am told.

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Don… just thank your lucky stars you’re not at sea!

Very pleased to hear you had the catheter changed! Good Lord what sort of system keeps you hanging around for these things!!!

Are you watching the ‘Beck’ series in the subtitle slot? It’s good. 2nd one tonight. Swedish. I read the books… series of 10 that were written by a husband & wife in the 60’s.

They’ve set the series in present day (I suppose it would be too expensive to set it in 60’s).

Have a nice evening,

Pat xx

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So sorry you’ve had such a rotten time Don but so pleased to see you back!

love to you and Heather,

Nina x

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Pat no for some reason not watching it probably down to football on five

Nina XXX thanks