Does this mean I will have to go outside

I am perfectly happy sitting by my radiator but come tomorrow what excuse will I have??



Outside? Isn’t that what strange people do?

I’ve been very happy sitting around pottering and crosswording. As for two hundred children in a room; I can beat that-junior school assemblies! But at least I had the power to keep them quiet. The last time I went to the cinema was to see Toy Story 3. No more for me. I like going to the Barbican. I get driven and use my electric wheelchair. The bar’s good too.

I’ve always admired those who work outdoors. I’ve welded a few cars in the winter. Molten weld down the back of your neck warms you up.

Keep them coming Don. Best wishes, Steve.


Hi Don

Enjoyed your blog, and I don’t blame you, it looks lovely outside, when you’re sat next to the radiator, but a whole different world the other side of the door.

Hope Heather enjoyed the film.

Pam x

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Only been out once this year, Thursday before last to see the endocrinologist at hospital. Next venture out will be the day after tomorrow, when I am due to have a minor op on an ingrowing toenail. But I have to be there a 9 am!! How the heck will we get me up, washed, dressed, toileted and breakfasted in time to scramble into the car at 8.30? It can’t be done. If the weather is in any way inclement I’m cancelling, I can tell you.

Wake me up at May o’ clock.

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Its not long till spring Don, Im sure once its better weather you will feel more like going out. I saw the bfg at the cinema in August, i loved it but part of the enjoyment was because id gone on the bus with Molly and Isabelle and Frazer. it felt like a huge achievement. Ann my friend came too, shes lovely shes in her 70’s and is like a grandma to my children, my mum doesn’t live nearby it was a lovely day the bfg was very good, we laughed all the way through it.

Michelle and Frazer xx

I did it I brave the world outside our front door

Both nice reads Don

I have to go out tomorrow but to the hospital for a kidney stone blast, so not exactly looking forward to it but it’ll be worth it when they’re gone… hoping there might at least be a latte in it for me but can’t do bacon sarnies right now for a couple of reasons (my next blog explains).

Sonia x