I have done it I WENT OUTSIDE

I went for a haircut and shave last week but that ain’t going out is it? NO! here is going out :- my latest adventure http://disableddon.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/ramsgate-walk-in-january-sunshine.html

Much colder now I am by the radiator and Heather has gone in search of slippers



Hi Don

Sounds lovely, the pictures look great, glad you were all wrapped up though, but the fresh air will do you good, in fact, hopefully it will make sleep a tad easier.

I am out tomorrow, seeing a rheumatologist, but that’s another story, will update when I know anything.

Pam x

Go careful Pam it is set to cold tomorrow. Today was just wonderful


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I’m glad that you had a nice time Don. Three miles is brilliant for your first walk. I ventured out today to see my grandaughters. They were pleased to see Nana and especially Frazer. Laura can say “woof woof” when we ask her “what does Frazer say” I’m exhausted now so will probably go to bed early. Michelle and Frazer xx


Don it’s so brave.

I’ve looked out the window (the one by the radiator) and marvelled at the blue skies and bright sunshine.

I’ve even thought of things I need from the supermarket. Then I shake my head to dispel such notions of foolishness before putting the kettle back on. But I am going up north next week. That’ll be at least a month’s worth of going outness.

I’d like to see more of the Kent coast. I love old seaside resorts but I will wait for warmer weather.

I always think one of the best things about going out is getting back.

Best wishes, Steve


Good for you, Don. Sense of achievement, I’m guessing?
Ramsgate is great. Did my second teaching practice there. Ruth and I had a couple of days down there about five years ago, visiting old haunts. I got stuck on Deal beach- I was still walking with sticks then, fell over trying to climb the steep shingle and couldn’t get up. Finally made it with the assistance of a nice traffic warden.

Third most architecturally significant town in England (behind Bath and Cheltenham) according to Brenda Blethyn, who is Ramsgate born and bred.


STEVE you are an inspiration to us all with your jaunts out. I am lite weight by comparison. I slept unroll after three pm the next day, just as well as Phil phoned to say it had been minus six, what a difference a day makes. Now there is a song in there and a very sad story but that’s all from me for tonight. Xxx

If you put your outdoor shoes on, then it is going out!!!