Going out.

Hello everyone,

As the weather was quite bright today we thought we’d take a trip up into town for lunch at a local cafe. Even though I know full well that such an excursion is good for both body and soul, I find it difficult to heave my aching bulk off the sofa and onto the scooter. It must be the actual crossing of the great threshold which is the psychological barrier because once I’m out it’s fine. Anyway I was so pleased with myself when I got back out of the chilled blustery air and sat back down. As a result I’ve realised a couple of things which may be worth pointing out as factors which help me as a disabled person. Firstly, the people I encounter are always friendly and helpful. (Hardly any exceptions but they’re not worth the blogging space anyway.) Secondly. the cafe we went to is helped enormously by the fact that it has a disabled toilet.

Two seemingly simple but highly important factors which make it worth going out. The weather forecast is also a very big help!

Best wishes, Steve.


Sounds like a nice day I drove to the local shopping centre today and used my Rollator for the first time in the big bad world. I guess you already know it wasn’t as bad as I dreaded

Onwards and upwards.

Jan x


Well done to you both Steve and Jan!

Nina x

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Thank you Nina, they say pride comes before a fall, I just didn’t relish falling over my pride

Sorry for highjacking your thread Steve, hope your lunch was nice.

Jan x

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So get it, the courage and energy to leave the house is enormous.

On the occasions we ppms’ers do, by manual wheelchair or electric or scooter should not be under estimated.

Yes, I agree, on the whole people and staff and ‘venues’ are helpful.

However, nonetheless, it’s still challenging and energy sapping.

Take care all xx


Yep, I know that feeling. It’s not so bad when you have to go out for an appointment or something, I can steel myself for it, but if Ruth says shall we go out for some fresh air it’s hard to get motivated.

As you say, once you’re out it’s fine, as long as the weather is kind.

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Its the act of getting ready and organised that needs the motivation, and sometimes I just feel I can’t be bothered, even when I am outside I enjoy it, if that makes sense.

The joys of ms!! Wish NICE would realise.

Pam x

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I need a kick up the backside before I venture outside but once I’m back in my chair here, safe and sound I realise that I enjoyed myself!

Other than the actual effort of being 'got ready’I always hate the prospect of needing the loo as I find it difficult to support myself upright without both arms to support me - and the potential ramifications!

Now the weather is turning a bit chillier I shall be bemoaning the fact that I can’t wear looser clothing too…

That’s me, never happy!

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Snap Stefos30 I dont do happy. Well done Steve its great to get out I love it but am equally happy staying in. I couldnt do it today as we have had heavy showers and I am allergic to getting wet unless I am in the shower. I love a bacon sarnie sitting in the car, I dont eat in cafes and restaurants anymore I feel toooooo self conscious if you reaD my blogs you’ll know I love fish and chips out of the paper sitting watching the sea or in the car. Heather and I often eat KFC sitting in the supermarket car park, it beats cooking and gets me out of the house thus killing two birds with one stone. Have a good day folks

Love Don


I so agree with you all. The actual getting ready to go out is exhausting enough… the very idea of it is off putting. And even worse now winter is coming and we have to put on so many clothes! I know to healthy people that must seem daft, but they’ve no idea how exhausting it is just getting dressed to go out. I’ve often got ready and then been too tired to actually go.

I’m going out so rarely right now. Been the same for a few months. Killer fatigue and feel so unwell all the time. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does.

Sorry I haven’t been on here much either… everything is exhausting.

I know I don’t often moan on here… but it’s a big struggle right now.

Love to all,

Pat xx

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Hi Pat,

sorry to hear your not too good,i am going through just the same,at the moment,been gradually getting worse this last few months,i rarely go out either,just cant get motivated at all,and last night i started to feel really unwell,dizzy and panicky,very weak,blah.blah

and tonight i have come on here to try to take my mind off,just how ill i feel,i have that feeling that i dont know what to do with myself,if you know what i mean.its 2 years this week that i had a very bad relapse that made me ill for 18 i am thinking i maybe starting in another one,hope to god im not though.

hope we feel better soon.


J x


Perhaps its the change of season, as I have felt like ‘a wet weekend in Weston’ for quite a few weeks now, everything is just too much trouble, I need to find a shop selling motivation and energy!

I also really hate nights at the moment, can’t sseem to stop my right leg jerking, and my left feels like it is burning on the inside, had me in tears a few times, which then makes me feel guilty disturbing hubby. Frightened to take more Ami cos it gives me a ‘woolly’ head feeling.

I am my own worst enemy, to try to distract myself while in bed, I make plans for when morning comes, like clearing out my wardrobe or cupboards, and, of course, when morning comes there is just no way I can do it, then feel frustrated, and so the cycle continues.

B****y ms!!

Pam x