Day out! (oh that annual neuro thingy)

A nice day out for me. My friend Ann is coming and we’re getting a taxi to Hampstead. Nice artwork always on display in the lobby and there’s a good cafe with proper coffee!!! Lovely! Oh yes while there… it’s a hospital… I’ll spend a very short time with a neurologist… or more likely a registrar… to be told they can’t do anything and come back next year… But that’s not important. What’s nice is I get a day out and a good laugh with a mate! See you later, Love to all, Pat xx

Hope it went well Pat, Love Nina xx

Hope it was a good appointment, and you have a lovely day out.

Pam x

I also hope it was a good day.

luv Polx

Hope you’ve enjoyed your day with your friend Pat. Oh, and hope the neuro appointment is OK. LOL! Teresa xx

Thanks gang. It was a nice little trip out and lovely warm, sunny weather. Neuro said hip pain might be something else and I should see GP. Swallowing problems might be acid (even though I don’t get it now I take a pill for it) but will refer to speech therapist. Wondered if any of my symptoms are actually caused by MS… lol… Well I did see the Top Man for once… for all of 10 minutes. He said he likes to see us all in person when he can (I last saw him 4 years ago!). Taxi and wheelchair etc all went according to plan. My friend Ann and I had such a laugh esp when lost ‘in the bowels of the building’! She’s a lovely wheelchair pusher… one of those people that makes you feel confident and not a burden! Absolutely knackered now… but luckily that’s over for another year. And so to bed. Love to all, Pat xx

Hello Pat, hope this message doesn’t wake you up! I used to have an annual neuro appointment but now it’s more random. We have a brand new hospital which boasts private rooms for all patients. But the long corridors are separated by heavy manual double doors, which is great fun when the appointment is on a Saturday morning and the place is deserted with no-one to assist my diminutive wife haul me and the wheelchair through Satan’s Barriers. But the cafes are very good. Best wishes, Steve x.

You at least picked a lovely sunny day to go out. Isn’t it amazing how alive and cheerful a bit of sunshine makes us feel? Glad you had the top boffin and he didn’t just fob you off with the “nothing can be done” speech so many give. I enjoyed a day out too and it was lovely not needing the thick coat.

Cath xx

Nice when you have something else planned to make the necessary nonsense easier to deal with. Glad you had a good day and hope you get a restful night

Sonia x