Letter from neuro...gotta laugh!

Hi guys, had a letter from my neuro. My annual appointment scheduled for April 6th has been rescheduled to January 4th… Thought OMG that’s Monday…until I looked again and saw it’s in 2017!!!

Hmmmm… think they’ve given up on me!

Am I bothered? No. It’s an exhausting day out that is a pointless exercise…and I have loads of evidence for when I have to apply for PIP (wonder if that will be this year?)

Love to all, have a good one,

Pat xx

eee, I dunno Pat! That`s a big difference in the date…but hey-ho…my neuro appointments make no difference to my condition. I think they use me to learn, with my rare genetic thingy.

Its reet...neer fuss!

luv Polxx

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Whilst I am disgusted, why am I not surprised?

I am thinking of not seeing a neuro anymore. I have recently changed Neuros. Thinking to myself, new man, never seen before, I will be organised and write my history down. That way I won’t be flustered when he starts asking me questions.

Did he ask me any questions? No. Did he examine me? No. Did he ask for any history at all? No.

I honestly think. As I have PPMS and they know they can’t do anything to help, they think, what is the point? And that is what I am thinking now. Not in a negative way. Just that it is a waste of my time, waste of a whole day, to get to the hospital, for a 7 minute appointment with no questions, nothing. AS someone else has said, I think I am being used as a guinea pig, just to plot the progress of the disease as well. So I don’t think there will be many more visits for me.

Anyway, Happy New Year to you and yours! Hope it is as good as it can be.



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I don’t have a Neuro to cancel or change appointments, I do see my MS Nurse once a year

Jan x

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i had to cancel 2 appointments to see my neuro, i was too ill to go…they struck me off and i need to be refered by my dr if i want to see him again. i wont bother though,it was a waste of my time.

J x


I haven’t seen a neuro for years now Pat, there was nothing he could give me, so I came to the conclusion (with his blessing) that appointments were a waste of time.

I was told I could always go back if I wanted…still no point.

Pam x

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I am the same as Jan I see my MS nurse my nuro appointments have never really helped me.



Went to see my neuro December 2015 for annual MOT. She said she was fully booked until August this year, had I missed the appointment! Reason: got to hospital with plenty of time to spare only to find queues for parking and all disabled bays taken, very unusual. The hospital sent two young ladies down to pick me up in my wheel chair and take me to the waiting area whilst my wife waited to park the car! Many thanks to St Richards Hospital Chichester!


This morning I’ve had another letter from them.

They’re sorry they have to change my appointment from 4th January 2017 to 6th April 2016…which is the date of the original appointment.

Was the world really more organised before computers or does it just seem that way?

Pat xx

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It sounds like the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing!!

Gotta laugh Pat…of course they may change it again lol

Pam x

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I think my ms nurse is certain my brain fog is a problem as every time I’ve had a letter or appointment for the Neuro they’ve sent me an exact replica of the letter the next day. I must come across as really thick.

Cath x

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